Should-Read: Nicole Cliffe: @nicole_cliffe on Twitter

Should-Read: Nicole Cliffe: @nicole_cliffe on Twitter

Should-Read: Nicole Cliffe: @nicole_cliffe on Twitter: “It’s come to my attention that a legacy print magazine is planning to publish a piece ‘outing’ the woman who started the Shitty Media Men list…

…All I can say is: don’t. The risk of doxxing is high. It’s not the right thing to do. My unconfirmed intel on this is that it’s Harper’s but I would sure welcome a denial by Harper’s or, if it’s true, a decision to reconsider before the women of media never ever ever write for Harper’s again. It is NOT too late to kill such a piece and I personally will never read, write for, or link again to any publication that runs it. If it IS Katie Roiphe for @Harpers, which I have now heard from two different sources, the backlash is well and truly here and it will NOT be pretty. This does not have to happen. Kill it. You do not have to think the list was a good idea to think this would be a tremendously fucked-up thing to do to a whistleblower…. Harper’s should have killed their AIDS-denialism cover story by Celia Farber back in the day, what a great opportunity to make a better choice today. If you have a piece in the hopper over at @Harpers, ask your editor if the Roiphe piece is happening. If it is, I will pay you cash for what you’d lose by yanking it. My email is nicole dot cliffe at gmail. Harper’s has confirmed there is a piece in March by Katie Roiphe. Offer is good. Yank them as noisily as you want. If you want to yank quietly bc THIS FUCKIN INDUSTRY I will never reveal our transaction took place. If I have my druthers, the March issue of Harper’s will consist of a now-toothless 200 word piece on the list that doesn’t name anyone and a long meditation from the editor on raw water…

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