Blockchain & cryptocurrency pivot … a “magic money making machine”?

Blockchain & cryptocurrency pivot … a “magic money making machine”?

UBS with some remarks on the recent move from Kodak and other companies 

  • Kodak’s recent pivot toward the blockchain was certainly an eye catching move but one which gets more puzzling the closer you look at it. 
  • Kodak is not heading down this venture alone with business partners including  a paparazzi photo agency, a penny-stock promoter and a company offering what has been called a “magic money making machine.” 
  • While the problem of photographers proving ownership of their images is a genuine one it’s not obvious how the block chain is a solution. The plan is for any trade or copyright violations to be settled in KodakCoin, a new cryptocurrency, which may or may not be freely tradeable or exchanged for camera equipment. 
  • Why not just use cash?

Good question …    

While you’re here, update on bitcoin:

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