The knives are out for Merkel

The knives are out for Merkel

This could be the end for Merkel

Angela Merkel has probably been the most-successful politician so far this century. She survived the Eurozone crisis and governed Germany longer than anyone since WWII.

But once again the knives are out as she faces off against allies and enemies on all sides. Reuters, citing sources, says herĀ Bavarian CSU allies will hold a special meeting on July 1 to weigh the results of next week’s summit on migration.

Separately, Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD), who are in coalition with Chancellor Merkel’s conservatives, have held three internal meetings to talk about the prospect of snap elections, DPA also reports.

The cover of Spiegel cleverly notes her signature hand posture with the captionĀ ‘Endgame’.

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