I think I have been scammed, is there anything I can do? : Forex

I think I have been scammed, is there anything I can do? : Forex

I started investing with a company called “InvestMIB” in March and to date I have ended up depositing a couple thousand into the account. The company was mentioned to me by a friend who received an email from a guy named Elias. I said i was interested so he relayed that to Elias and soon enough I too had received an email. In the end my friend ended up not investing with them for other reasons.

I am young and naive of the Forex trading world and I was just looking for some easy money so I stupidly did not do any background checks before depositing. This company operates by calling you and telling you what to buy/sell and when to buy/sell it. They use Meta Trader 5 which seemed fairly legitimate so this gave me confidence. It worked pretty well, so I kept depositing more money, Money that at times i definitely should not have been depositing.

It all seemed to be going well however when i told another friend about it he had the sense to do some background checks and found some reviews saying to avoid. However, all investing companies have some bad reviews and this was a very new company so I didn’t do anything at that moment in time. I did however stop depositing. Not long after this i tried to withdraw £100 as a test to see if it was possible. Nothing came of this attempt so when I next got a call i asked the woman who was my “account manager” and went by the name or Laura Monetti if she knew anything about it. She said it was because £100 was too small an amount to bother withdrawing however if i really needed it they could withdraw it for me. I conceded and admitted that i did not really need it. In hindsight i should have pushed harder for the withdrawal. After this we continued trading which gave me some confidence because I had read a review that contact had been cut as soon as a withdrawal attempt was made. I have not received a call for some time now because they only call when I am in profit on a position and I haven’t been for a while. I decided to try and withdraw a larger amount, so i tried to withdraw £1000 from the account 6 days ago and have heard nothing from them at all. I also cannot call them because they either do not pick up or the line cuts. I emailed Laura about it and I have not heard anything. I can still see the account and the account says there is money there.

Has anyone been in a similar situation to this? Is there anything I can do or is my money lost? If this post doesn’t make sense please let me know so I can change it.

UPDATE: I called this number +442031501642 which i found on their website under contact details and surprisingly got a response. He asked what my issue was and I told him I would like to withdraw. He didn’t say or do anything substantial apart from say he would get my account manager to call me. Then 2 minutes later I got a call from laura monetti and she gave an excuse that she had been away at a conference about crude oil. I told her i wanted to withdraw and she said i cant right now because i have positions open (which is true but i have enough money to withdraw some without affecting that). She said if i waited a week we could sell it in profit then i would be able to withdraw. I asked her if they were regulated and she said yes, i asked by who and she did not answer. I asked where their office was based and she dodged the question. She tried to get me to open another position, but i believe now that this is a tactic to make people unlikely to withdraw as if they have positions open they wont want to withdraw.

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