Dow Jones 2018-07-12 – Orbex Forex Trading Blog

Dow Jones 2018-07-12 – Orbex Forex Trading Blog

As we advised before and as we see over our previous chart

Market managed to test 24620 support which if managed to support the market another advance wave toward 25050 and 25180 will be expected

Below 24620 more drop may hit market to tst 24460-510 support zone which in turn may activate the uptrend wave again

Below 24460 more drop to test 24220 and below will be expected

  Support Resistance
Level 1 24815 24950
Level 2 24750 25050
Level 3 24620 25180

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Rami Abu-Dra`a is a Chief Technical Analyst at Orbex and a holder of B.S Degree in Banking & Financial Science / Subsidiary Economic. Rami ‘s strategic vision of forex markets, enhanced by more than a decade of trading experience, allows him to efficiently mix fundamental and technical analyses, and find the best investment ideas for Orbex traders.


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