Gold 2018-07-12 – Orbex Forex Trading Blog

Gold 2018-07-12 – Orbex Forex Trading Blog

Our Short-Run view over Gold sustain the same as market tested supportt zone 1236-41 as we advised before

Intraday Levels still showing trading zone as we advised before between support 1236-39 and resistance 1273 which my expand toward 1285

Below 1236 more drop toward 1220 and 1180 will be expected

  Support Resistance
Level 1 1236-39 1266
Level 2 1220 1273
Level 3 1180 1285

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Rami Abu-Dra`a is a Chief Technical Analyst at Orbex and a holder of B.S Degree in Banking & Financial Science / Subsidiary Economic. Rami ‘s strategic vision of forex markets, enhanced by more than a decade of trading experience, allows him to efficiently mix fundamental and technical analyses, and find the best investment ideas for Orbex traders.


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