FCA Warns Against Clone Firm Generali Brokers and Two Unauthorised Firms

FCA Warns Against Clone Firm Generali Brokers and Two Unauthorised Firms

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has added three financial firms to its warning list today. The regulator has flagged a clone firm of a European Economic Area (EEA) registered firm and two unauthorised financial firms.

The British watchdog has warned UK investors against the connected firms Generali Brokers, Generali France and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. According to the statement, the above entities are a clone firm of an EEA registered firm.

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Clone firms aim to trick consumers by adopting similar names and details of a legitimate financial firm and claim to either be the legitimate company or be affiliated with them. Their most common tactic is cold calling.

In this instance, the clone firm is impersonating Assicurazioni Generali SpA and Generali France. The scam firm operates through www.generalibrokers.com and it has copied the address of the legitimate firm Generali France, which is 76 rue Saint Lazore, Paris Cedex 09 75456, FRANCE.

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The UK regulator warns consumers to be careful when interacting with the above broker. Investors should be particularly wary should the broker contact them via a cold call.

FCA flags Radcliffe and Young & A Quick Financial Group

In addition to the clone firm, the FCA has also flagged Radcliffe and Young Asset Management which also goes by the name Radcliffe and Young. As the name suggests, Radcliffe and Young is an Asset Management firms which operates through its website www.radcliffeandyoung.com. The firm has two addresses – one in Switzerland and one in Dubai.

According to the warning on the regulator’s website, the asset management firm is not authorised in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it can’t provide any financial services or products to residents. The watchdog urges caution when dealing with the company.

A Quick Financial Group has also been blacklisted by the financial regulator. This is because the firm is targeting residents in the United Kingdom without the proper authorisation. Consumers should be wary of this company, which operates through its website www.aquickfinancialgroup.com/ and claims to be based at 88 Wood Street, 10th – 11th Floor, London EC2V 7RS.

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