How was your trading week/month? Pip Count! : Forex

How was your trading week/month? Pip Count! : Forex

I do my post mortem at the end of the week and at the end of the month. I believe it’s very important to be in-tune with your results so that you can quickly make corrections to your trading if they are required. How you measure your success will of course vary. For the purpose of this thread I will be using pips.

It also helps to keep me accountable to myself, and recently to the TradingView viewership and maybe Reddit now as well!

I took the first 2 weeks of August off.

Week of August 19-24 total 749 pips not including indices or Turkish Lira and South African Rand

Week of August 26-31total of 762 pips not including indices

Total for August – 1,511pips

Bring on September!

How has your trading week and month been like? Are you happy with your results?

Almost everything I trade has been posted on TradingView. If you are interested how I do my analysis and my technical approach to the markets feel free to ask away/let me know!

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