LQDFX (Liquid Fx) scammed me finally : Forex

LQDFX (Liquid Fx) scammed me finally : Forex

Im very sorry to write this but after being with Lqd for a month and trippling my profit I was one morning hit with an “arbitrage trader” email(i will post the email) and my account was removed and deleted. I know the risks involved with an offshore but I thought these guys were decent judging by the reviews here which could be fake now that I think of it. I knew things were fishy when I tried making my first withdrawals they called me and said “we had issues where a clients child got on his pc and made withdrawals so we are making sure you indeed made this withdrawal” lmao ?? Basically them saying “Please keep your money here” Apparently I’m not the only one that got this call ..

Im from US and thought a little leverage would be fun to test out but if you plan on making profits and withdrawing I wish you good luck, dont say you werent warned. Also the only reliable method to deposit/withdraw was bitcoin where you are paying fees so be mindful of that as well, their credit card system isn’t allowed to operate hence why its always down. Once again the guys and girls at lqdfx Evan, Victoria are very nice people but something shady is brewing with their superiors… I encourage others who were mugged to step forward its not embarrassing to speak the truth. Its very sad I had a life emergency(wife cancer) to attend and needed those funds. May god bless you all i hope my review can shine some light on LqdFx. Overall a good company but they will kick you out once you’re making serious profits.

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