LAN Switch WXR, WX, or 3Com Wireless LAN Controller. WX This guide This manual shows you how to plan, configure, deploy, and manage a. User guide • Read online or download PDF • 3Com WX 3CRWXA User Manual • 3Com Computer Accessories. User manual for the device 3Com WX 3CRWXA. Online user manual database.

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Alarm Summary—The Alarm Summary report provides the total number of current faults in the system and identifies them by type, source, severity or state. To perform site-related tasks, click task links in the Task List panel. You can use a facility in the range of Local 0 through Local 7. Page 97 Importing or Drawing Floor Details 6 To change the maximum size of objects to be removed, type the new horizontal and vertical dimensions in the X-axis and Y-axis boxes.

The Web-Start client simplifies installation and upgrade of the client. Verifying the Wireless Network 4 On the floor plan, click where you want the measurement point to be placed.

A 3Com web page appears.

User 1 Access the Create Named User wizard: Otherwise, click Next and go to step Starting 3wxm 3WXM client on the same machine where the server is installed. Using the Alarm Summary View Click on a row to view the details of a specific alarm in the tabular view shown in the following screen. The name can be 1 33com 32 alphanumeric characters, with no spaces or tabs. Search Capabilities You can sort system faults based on any of the columns in the table. Service Profiles Service profiles configured on the WX switch.


Manaul 38 Clients Columns Column Description During the installation, the 3Com Wireless Switch Manager installation wizard minimizes. Click on a hyperlink to view the details for that item. In the Expected Handset Count list, specify the number of voice over IP phones you expect to be in the coverage area.

All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. Organizer Panel mankal Select the object you want to copy in the Organizer panel. Importing or Drawing Floor Details Adding or removing a layer To add a new layer to a wx44400, do the following: After—Only events that occurred after a specified time In the Start box, click the arrow to use the calendar to specify the day, month, and year.

3Com WX4400 Reference Manual

Changing Certificate Management Options A: Show all Wxr 3crwxra. Page 20 Part numberRevision B Page 25 Please note that we can only respond to comments and questions about 3Com product documentation at this e-mail wx440.


MAP placement, and generate RF network design information. Emergency—The WX is unusable. Viewing Vlans, Creating A Vlan The client details report contains the following sections: Editing the name is optional if this is the first service of this type you are configuring on the switch.

3Com Switch WX 3CRWXA User Guide |

Category The category of alarm; Be aware if a CAD drawing contains overlapping objects. Otherwise, certificates might not be installed correctly.

Check for externally referenced files. Alarms 1 To view the top 5 sources of alarms in chart format, click the chart icon at the bottom left corner of the Top 5 Sources of Alarms section of the 3WXM screen.

The word Rogue or Interfering appears in parentheses next to the word Ad-hoc. Network Access During log on, if the username does not match an