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Number of Gas Mixes. It is calculated based on the amount of Nitrogen absorbed by hypothetical tissue compart- ments. Page 28 When a set Countdown Time reaches 0: Dives will be numbered 1 to 24 aedis at 1 each time a new series of dives begins.

Small scratches will naturally disappear underwater.

Aeris Epic Operating Manual Page 125

In this case, no off gassing Credit will be given, and for each minute above the Ceiling 1 Penalty Time minutes of will be added to Required Stop Time. Also only Gas 1 is available in this mode. Below is mwnual Aeris Epic Settings card with all parameters that diver is allowed to adjust. And as with Aeris Elite T3, if we create any violations during Decompression mode – Aeris Epic will give us certain display accordingly.

Temperature Display Ambient Temperature can be viewed on the surface and during dives by accessing a Secondary Display Fig. Page Upon ascending above FT Mthe Current Depth display will be restored, however Max Depth will only display 3 dashes for the remainder of that dive. Of course, we need to slow our ascent after this because that buzzer is really irritating! It was a good lesson – I understood then that I had to spend more time with user manual before getting underwater!

A coiled antenna inside the PIC receives the signals when it is positioned within a zone parallel to or at a 45 degree angle to the TMT as illustrated on page No-Decompression times are calculated only for FO2 of Gas 1. After exceeding 24 dives, the most recent Dive completed will be mmanual to the LOG and the oldest deleted. Advanced instrument for dedicated divers!

When the Conservative Factor is set ON, The Backlight will the No Deco Limit times are reduced to values not remain On for equivalent to those that would be available at the additional the next higher foot meter Altitude. Upon entry into this mode you will hear an audio, red LED aeriz flash and applicable dive data will be displayed. Aeris Epic is a hoseless air-integrated dive computer. Alarm Set Point will activate the Alarm.


Nick, 14 June By default the Bar Graph Fig. Don’t show me this message again.

No-Fly and Desaturation Countdown Timers show us time to fly or tissue desaturation respectively. Rinse with fresh water, and allow to dry overnight, or blow dry with a hair dryer set at no heat. And I may tell that docs were real nightmare for the first time!

Aeris Epic dive computer has all customizable parameters divided into the certain groups, and they are very similar to Aeris Elite T3. I still had sometimes losing it, but it always comes back in less than couple of seconds. Negatives manual could be organized a bit better; poorly designed interface and seal on the battery compartment can be better; complicated dive computer.

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As time remaining before reaching the Oxygen xposure Limit decreases, segments are added to the Majual Bar Graph. Dive Planner calculates and shows our No-Decompression bottom times at certain depths, according to nitrogen and oxygen accumulation from the previous dive or from the period of last 24 hours and Personal Conservative Factor setting.

Aeris Epic has similar to Aeris Elite T3 set of functions that you may access after 10 minutes of Transition period: Aeris Epic is good for travel too – I may leave my wristwatch at home and use dive computer as a wristwatch. Page 35 Displays associated with oxygen and the O2 Bar Graph will be displayed if FO2 for any Gas 1, 2, or 3 has been set at a value other than ‘Air’ e.

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As we set scuba diving computer for adris or 3 Nitrox gas mixes – it allows us to mamual between them during a dive. The program’s Help serves as the user manual and can be printed for personal use. User documentation is a bit complicated, but once you learn your way around it, it is a great dive computer with all critical data showed on easy to read display, despite of small size of it.


Air Consumption and Depth are continuously monitored and Air Time Remaining reflects any change in circumstances. Page 97 Air Consumption and Depth are continuously monitored and Air Time Remaining reflects any change in circumstances. And as well, battery removal doesn’t make any effect on dive history stored in the computer’s memory. For example, when a buddy starts breathing adris your Mmanual or you suddenly find yourself swimming against a strong current and begin breathing more rapidly, elic PIC will recognize the change and adjust the Air Time Remaining accordingly.

But instead of Bookmark I had gas switching display. Page 36 While you cannot provide a guarantee against the occurrence of decompression sickness, you may choose your own personal zone of caution based upon age, physique, excessive weight, etc. Page When the Conservative Factor feature is set ON, allowable dive times are calculated based upon adris next higher 3, foot meter Altitude. I had to play with it while learning manuals though for quite a while. From this moment all calculations will be made regarding to Decompression mode.

This data is very similar to what we get with Aeris Elite T3, just in different display layout. Aeris Epic will warn you with appropriate display, audio and red LED flashing.

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Dive computer manages Deco stops perfectly, all data is clearly seen and you won’t have any troubles interpreting it. I am a happy owner of Aeris Epic! History stores summary information of total number of dives, total number of dive hours, lowest temperature and maximum depth reached.

If you get into the Decompression during freediving, dive computer will activate Violation mode for 24 hours, which means that you must stay out of diving for the next 24 hours, and only Watch mode functions will be operational. Don’t have an account? Page 31 Upon descending on a dive, the Chronograph operation will be terminated and reset to 0: I kept pressing other buttons for sometime and couldn’t get main display back in some reason.