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Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Somaliland.

Near East Collection: Online Arabic Newspapers and Journals | Yale University Library

Oman and Alwatan were read most because of their writing styles, news analyses and layout and design. From respondents perspectives, it is viewed as a credible, responsible, courageous and timely newspaper.

Readers with a high school education are more satisfied than others with newspapers’ coverage of sport, culture, ads, religious and medical topics. The Magazine Publishers of America uses “average issue audience” for readership, and defines it as “the projected number of people who have read or looked into an “average issue” of a magazine” The Association of Magazine Media, 1st June Table 14 shows statistically significant differences between the mean scores of the four newspapers in three areas.

According to the World Association of Newspapersthe number of newspaper titles rose by 5. The age of the respondents also appears to be an important factor. Retrieved 7 September The questionnaire consisted of 22 main questions with scales ranging from the nominal yes-no answer to the ordinal 5-point Lickert scale.

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Sulaiman Saleh identified four challenges posed by new information technology to print journalism; death of some newspapers, reduction in circulation, decrease in advertising revenue and emergence and popularity of electronic journalism. Reading frequency of dailies based on valid percents.

Oman was launched in by the Omani government under the supervision of the Ministry of Information. However, circulation is not a valid measurement of newspaper reading because it does not reflect the jornal who actually read newspapers and their characteristics.

The study used Reader Behavior Score RBS with a point scale questions to measure time, frequency and completeness of reading. Fixed and ojurnal phones and the internet were ranked fifth and seventh, respectively.


From the circulation perspective, the World Association of Newspapers published in June a report revealing that newspaper circulation worldwide rose by 2. Therefore, it is important to examine the role these variables play in the current study. These series of questions show how complex is the operational definition of the term readership.

Certain measures have also been taken by publishers in the Arab world. The differences in the mean scores jourhal the four newspapers were statistically significant in the three previously mentioned areas, especially between Alshabiba and Times of Oman. This result would also explain why Alwatan is more frequently read than any other newspapers.

Azzaman is the only daily in Oman which uses tabloid size. Most of the respondents Other regions showed a decline ranging from 2. Similarly, the Daily Star iournal Lebanon, the only English language newspaper, has journao battling a difficult financial situation since January when it closed down before re-launching, and continues to have an uncertain future Dubai Press Club, In addition to the demographic variables, the questions cover reading habits, forms of journalistic writings, newspapers’ coverage of certain content areas, design and layout characteristics and professionalism.

However, experts say that, despite the problems of falling advertising revenues and pressure from new competitors, the global newspaper industry is far from facing an apocalypse World Association of Newspapers, December The differences in respondents’ mean scores for these topics are statistically significant. The results showed that daily newspapers have almassas Can a researcher consider the act of flicking through the pages of a newspaper or a magazine as reading?

Thus, in light of these figures and recent development in the newspaper industry, accompanied almssae the lack of any robust readership study in Omanthere is a need to investigate readers’ perception of Omani newspapers and their reading habits. Technological advancements have helped newspapers with their design, layout and presentations. The analyses indicated that gender, age, education and income were strong predictors of the time spent on reading newspapers in most European countries.

Newspapers in Morocco are primarily published in Arabic and Frenchand to a lesser extent in BerberEnglishand Spanish. Ina amlassae era for journalism had just begun, but this time in mainland Oman. The study used a proportional multi-stage sample totaling 2, aged 15 years and above.


Alshabibaprivate was perceived as a sensational newspaper. However, when socio-economic factors were examined, statistically journaal differences were observed Gender, education, age, income and ethnicity of the respondents played a strong role in their preferences of certain forms journql journalistic writings.

Alwatan is a general daily with some focus on politics, arts and literature.

The paper also publishes three main supplements for sport, economy and arts. On the other hand, letters to the editor and puzzles are more frequently read by readers from the low income category.

List of newspapers in Morocco

In JuneRachid Niny was sentenced to a year’s imprisonment for “disinformation” following his criticism of Moroccan intelligence agencies. Some newspapers in Omanespecially the new private ones that are not part of an existing cartel are also vulnerable, Azzaman is an example.

However, readers’ image of Omani newspapers was examined through the subjects’ responses to six professional values and characteristics; censorship, credibility, responsibility, sensationalism, audacity and timeliness.

Global advertising revenue made by the internet during the yearsand accounted for 10, 12 and 14 percent, respectively. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. Most readings take place during The Week end. However, the study lacks robust statistical almasase theoretical analyses. Arabs prefer reading the print version of their favorite newspapers to the electronic one.

In this study, the question of readership is examined by a set of questions aiming at finding out:. The differences between their mean almasswe and other income categories are highly significant. The impact of new digital media especially the internet on print journalism is indisputable.

Table 8 shows ANOVA results on readers’ satisfaction level with the newspapers’ coverage of 13 topics. The remaining free tabloids try to provide diverse editorial content but most of their pages, especially Futoonare occupied by advertisements.

The results showed that amongst Arabic dailies, Alwatan was favoured by Because it is the capital, Omanis from different regions come to Muscat for work and for study, and a great deal of them make it a second place of residency.