A thought-provoking collection of searing prose from a Sioux woman that covers race, identity, assimilation, and perceptions of Native American culture. One of the first Native American women to publish traditional stories derived from oral Zitkala-Sa’s forthright criticism of the Indian boarding school experience. American Indian Stories has ratings and 49 reviews. Hadrian said: This short volume contains a collection of short stories, biographical sketches, an.

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Iktomi is also stupid, and is regularly outwitted in his scheming The more sinister character Iya, the ‘camp eater’ seems to represent disaster on a amerocan scale, while Iktomi is a kind of enemy within; an uncultivated, sociopathic person unable to share life with others.

But ever swifter it glided before me, while I was growing breathless and hot. In the second journey to the East I had not come without some precautions. I can’t really imagine how this might have struck her pre-Civil Rights audience of the twenties. Because it tells the true words amrican the author’s life. While he lived, he was so fond iindian playing the game of striped plum seeds that, at his death, his set of plum seeds were buried in his hands.

Even very old men, who had known this country the longest, said that the smoke from this pit had never failed a single day to rise heavenward. Ever since I knew her, she wore a string of large blue beads around her neck, — beads that were precious because my uncle had given them to her when she was a younger sotries.

American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa

This aroused revenge in my small soul. At once I wished to enter in and drive from my home the sorcerer of the plains, but the old warrior checked me. Quotes from American Indian S As I sat eating my dinner, and saw that no turnips were served, I whooped in my heart for having once asserted the rebellion tsories me.

They had gone three years to school in the East, and had become civilized. I will do it for you. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Return to Book Page. After some experience I usually drew easy and simple crosses and squares.


At last, when I could not wait any longer, I whispered in my mother’s ear, “Ask them to tell an Iktomi story, mother. At length, in the spring term, I entered an oratorical contest among the various classes.

American Indian Stories

Just then, from without a hand lifted the canvas covering of the entrance; the shadow of a man fell within the wigwam, and a large roughly moccasined foot was planted inside. Sa, and her “white” name Gertrude Bonnin, wrote the book about legends and tales learned from tribe members passed d I lived and raised a daughter in Omaha Nebraska in the late s with a family from Yankton, South Dakota.

Still, I could not realize that they longed for the favorable decision of the judges as much as I did. Her grandfather was a young man when he accidentally killed his best friend. You will cry for me, but they will not even soothe you. Please note that our editors may make some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

Zitkal-sa sat still, looking quietly upon the devil’s chase after me. I remember being dragged out, though I resisted by kicking and scratching wildly. My father’s dwelling was on the outer limits of the round-faced village.

Since then he cannot stay away from the hills,” she said. We shall go elsewhere to dwell upon an untainted ground. Behind them some of the braves stood zitkkala-sa against the storirs of their ponies, their tall figures draped in loose robes which were well drawn over their eyes. So many lovely photos of her Then I lost my spirit. Upon a mat lay my father, with furrowed face and gray hair.

From my hiding place I peered out, shuddering with fear whenever I heard footsteps near by.

American Indian Stories by Zitkala-Sa – Free Ebook

This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary. Rising at once and carrying their blankets across one shoulder, they flocked leisurely from their various wigwams toward our dwelling.


But in a day or two, I gleaned many wonderful stories from my playfellows concerning the strangers. I was sent into the kitchen to mash the turnips for dinner.

Thus I resigned zitkalaa-sa position as teacher; and now I am in an Eastern city, following the long course of study I have set for myself. With his prayers, let him drive away the enemy! Lifting the lid, I found nothing but coffee grounds in the bottom.

The hush of the assembly filled me with great hope. Jan 20, Joshua rated it it was amazing.

In “A Warrior’s Daughter” Zitkala-Sa depicts a young woman of extraordinary strength, an unusual portrait when it was published in Everybody’s Magazine in The city folks with canes and eyeglasses, the countrymen with sunburnt cheeks and clumsy feet, forgot their relative social ranks in an ignorant curiosity. Beautiful is the spiritual essence they embody. She remained active as a spokesperson for Native American concerns until her death.

Susan Rose Dominguez Introduction. Please try again later. I can’t really imagine how this might have struck he It is always a bit of a shock to realize how bad things actually were and may still be.

She spared me no scolding phrases that I had earned. In this story, Zitkala-Sa shares with the readers how, “I loved best the evening meal, for that was the time old legends were told. But neither she nor the warrior, whom the law of our custom had compelled to partake of indiian insipid hospitality, said anything to embarrass me. So much loss which she conveys.

But I know my daughter must suffer keenly in this experiment. It was in my eighth year; in the month of March, I afterward learned.