1 APTRANSCO / APGENCO AE Syllabus Pdf Download 8 APTRANSCO / APTRANSCO AE Electrical {EEE} Syllabus Topic Wise. Check Andhra Pradesh GENCO Assistant Engineer Exam Pattern 1 APGENCO AE Electrical Syllabus – APGENCO AE Syllabus. ANNEXURE. Syllabus (for Electrical Branch/AE) 1. Electrical Circuits and Networks: Kirchoff’s laws, mesh and node analysis, network theorems, sinusoidal .

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Design of Machine elements: Don’t Add Comment with Spam Purpose.

L Engines, knocking, rating of fuels, lubrications, Ignition systems. Zeroth, first and second laws of thermodynamics, thermodynamics systems and processes, Carnot cycle, Air-standard cycles, irreversibility and availability, Properties of pure substances, psychometrics, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Working principles and their applications.

V-to-I and I-to-V converter.

APGENCO AE Syllabus Pdf | AP GENCO Asst Engineer Exam Paatern (ECE, Mech, Civil)

Materials- properties, grades and tests, workability and mix design of concrete- basic concepts of apgenvo stress and limit state methods of design- Limit state design of beams, slabs and T-beam bridges, retaining walls, Pre- stressed concrete—basic concepts, losses and analysis and design of beams including end block.

Principal stresses and strains, Mohr.

Metal cutting and machine tools: So candidate should knows that what should they have syllzbus prepare for their performance in examination. Electronic Components and Devices: Control system and process control: Unsymmetrical Bending and shear Centre. Written Exam will sgllabus conducted in following manner: Q-meter and waveform analyzer, Digital voltmeter and multi-meter, Time, phase and frequency measurements, Cathode ray oscilloscope, Serial and parallel communication, Shielding and grounding.

Govt Jobs In Delhi. Control Systems and Process Control: Microprocessor applications, memory and input-output interfacing. Improve Your Writing Skills for Exam. Frequency and time division multiplexing. Question on core academic curriculum of respective disciplines and Section B: Basics of number system. Introduction to thermal power plant, significance of instrumentation in power plant, principle and working and salient features of hydro electric, nuclear gas turbine plant.


Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanism, dynamic analysis of slider- crank mechanism, gear trains, flywheels. Basics of Circuits and Measurement Systems: Q-meter and waveform analyzer.

Optical sources and detectors, LED, laser, Photo-diode, photo-resistor and their characteristics. Periodic and aperiodic signals. Elements of surveying-chain, plane table, compass and theodolite, leveling building materials and construction, formwork, CPM and PERT.

APGENCO Syllabus 2017 | APGENCO Assistant Engineer Exam Pattern

Single phase transformer; equivalent circuit, tests, regulation and electricap, three phase transformer connections parallel operation, auto transformer, principle of energy conversion, windings of rotating machines, DC generators and motors, characteristics, starting and speed control, three phase induction motors performance characteristics, starting and speed control, single phase induction motors, synchronous generators, performance, regulation, parallel operation, synchronous motors, starting characteristics and applications, synchronous condensers, fractional horse power motors, permanent magnet and stepper motors, Characteristics of Power electronic devices, phase control, bridge converters, choppers and inverters, basic concepts of adjustable speed drives.

Oscillators and signal generators. For More Details on Notification Details, Eligibility and educational qualifications, age limit and relaxations, how to apply, application fee, important dates to remember for applying to posts, download challan form, this post will be updated as soon as the notification will be ayllabus by AP TRANSCO. A nalytical, Optical Instrumentation: Basic of number system, Microprocessor applications, Memory and Input-output interfacing, Microcontrollers.


APGENCO & APTRANSCO AE 2017 Exam Pattern & Syllabus

Measurements of voltage, current, power, power factor and energy. Resistive, Capacitive, inductive and piezoelectric transducers and their signals conditioning, measurement of displacement, velocity and acceleration translation and rotationalforce, torque, vibration and shock.

Op-Amp based active filters. The standard of Competition level is raising with the time period as we are going onward fot time passing away rapidly. Design of patterns moulds and cores, solidification, design consideration of runner, riser and gate, physics of welding, types of welding and their principles, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding, Fundamental of Hot and cold working processes, forging, electricak, extrusion, drawing, shearing and bending. Digital Voltmeter and Multi-meter, time, phase and frequency, measurement cathode ray oscilloscope.

Previous Year Question Papers. Feedback principles, signal flow graphs, transient Response, Steady-state-errors. Basics of fiber optics.

Interested candidate can check the notification details from the links given below. Operational amplifiers, characteristics and circuit configurations, Instrumentation amplifier. Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Transducers: Rivetted and welded joints, Connections- eccentric fog framed, simple and compound beams, tension and compression members, plate and Grinders, roof trusses, plate grinder and truss bridges, water tanks, roof trusses, tubular section and design, Transmission towers, column bases, plastic analysis, basic principles, theorems, methods of analysis, analysis and design of determinate and intermediate beams and frames.