These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume Cover. Toradora vol10 jpg · Toradora vol10 jpg · Toradora vol These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 2. Front cover & insert. Back cover & insert. Toradora vol02 jpg · Toradora. Toradora!-ish Sunday. Toradora Spin-Off 3 jpg. It was a peaceful and relaxed Sunday morning, 10 o’clock. “Riiiice!” So shouted Takasu.

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I changed handphone to cellphone since I thought it sounds better but if you don’t like that then you can delete the edit.

Toradora!:Volume10 Illustrations – Baka-Tsuki

When I read volume 3, I noticed that the Author’s Notes was the one from volume 2 however, if I, instead of clicking on Volume 3, click on Author’s Notes, under volume 3, I get the right one. Hi, i just wanted to thanks everybody for your hard work, this novel is awesome, i can’t stopo reading it. Thank you very much for taking the time to translate this, much appreciated and torqdora read everything so far I want AmixRyuuji Ending!!

Q who else want’s AmiXRyuuji here? This project is fantastic. Tora Dora is really addictive. I just can’t stop reading it. Please continue doing this. You’re all so great.


Where can I read the light novel? : toradora

Thanks for the hardwork! I’m not sure what to suggest instead maybe just “that girl” or similar as I assume that this is replacing “aitsu” and similar termsbut it’s very confusing to see Taiga referred to consistently in the narration as a “fellow”.

Perhaps refer to some anime translations of some of the same scenes for reference on how some of these lines have been handled by others not that fansubs are perfect, of course. baoa

If you need someone to fix it, I probably could sign on later for that and other edits. Many thanks to the translators for their efforts.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series and the conclusion was worth the wait. I’ll contribute a bit of editing when I get the chance I will likely re-read in the future and will do it during that time.

Once again, thanks so much! Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was interested in a french translation. Anyway, let me know if it’s worth it or if this website is even interested in french translations.

Toradora!:Spin-Off 3 Toradora!-ish Sunday

I wouldn’t mind translating something else if there’s more interest in an other project I just tsukl to try translating wrong time but right person — Caladbolg I’d like to see it. Maybe you should start posting a teaser on the BT forums?


Good, I’ll finish reading the story first to get a feel toradoea it, then I’ll get to it: Can someone add the full-text link of the spin-offs so we can donwload them with the WebToEpub plugin? Just like the other 10 volumes.

Plese, geve all you have on this one, I read this util there was noting more to read, so I fail in waiting and see de anime, its ending is averange, but its not the real end, wich its onli posible stuki read yoradora to you guy’s. So please, please, hurry up with the remainding 3. I will help you if I just know Japanese, but sadli I dont. So I leve all to you all. Tanks for the atenshion and for the macnific work you’r all duing.

Toradora!:Volume10 Illustrations

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