Exposition of the Sutra of Brahma’s Net. Edited and Translated by A. Charles Muller. Published by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Distributed by the. At that time, he contemplated the wonderful Jewel Net hung in Lord Brahma’s palace and preached the Brahma Net Sutra for the Great Assembly. He said. SÅ«tra of the Brahma Net: Rocana Buddha Pronounces the Chapter on the Bodhisattva Precepts Arising from the Mind Ground. Translated from Sanskrit into .

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Here a certain ascetic or Brahmin is a logician, a reasoner. Therefore, all sentient beings on the six life-paths are my parents.

Sutfa don’t not say it is not. From living alone for so long a time, this being grew distressed and longed for a companion. After receiving a good sign, one can then accept the precepts ssutra the images of Buddhas and holy Bodhisattvas. Translated by Thanh, Minh; Leigh, P. Shariputra and Moggallana, the Buddha’s most famous disciples, were originally followers of Sanjaya, and it was their sufra, besides the loss of his gains, that angered Suppiya DA.

A Buddha’s disciple shall not himself speak ill of the Triple Jewel or encourage others to do so. Thus he is a reconciler of those at variance and an encourager of those at one, rejoicing in peace, loving it, delighting in it, one who speaks up for peace. Every day, three times during the day, without anger or displeasure, one should offer food to the Dharma master, make obeisance to him, and ask him to expound the Dharma. Here a certain ascetic or Brahmin is a logician, [ 34 ] a reasoner.

Buddha Sutras

A disciple of the Buddha shall not himself kill, encourage others to kill, kill by expedient means, praise killing, rejoice at witnessing killing, or kill through incantation or deviant mantras. Being satisfied with what I have. For example, he should do so in a purification assembly to pray for good fortune and healing of lives whenever epidemics, national calamities, or bandits strike.

All of the followers of these beliefs defended and clung on their faith and didn’t believe in another faiths. Privacy policy About Dhamma Wiki Disclaimers. All these innumerable Buddhas have Vairocana as their original body. I vow not to praise myself and put down others. And the wanderer, Suppiya [ 3 ] was also traveling on that road with his pupil the youth, Brahmadatta. These viewpoints thus grasped and adhered to will lead to such-and-such destinations in another world The sutra itself claims that it is the final chapter of a much longer Sanskrit text, but there is no clear evidence that such a text ever existed.


Here, the ten levels of abiding are called the ten heading-offs because they are heading for their attainment of bodhi; the ten levels of action are called the ten nurtures because they are developing their roots of goodness; and the ten levels of transference of merit are called the ten vajras because they are undergoing adamantine training to become holy Bodhisattvas on the First Ground.

I vow not to talk about the faults of others.

Taisho or the Braumajala Sutra is located here. A disciple of the Buddha shall not harbor anger or encourage others to be angry. So, the Atta and Loka were created without a cause.

Brahmajala Sutra (Mahayana) – Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia

Because I didn’t exist and now I do exist. Retrieved 10 December If one purposely violates any precept, it is a minor sin. Committing a grave sin on a purification day is an additional sin, but a minor one. Retrieved 4 October So too are the Dharma Doors methods of cultivation taught by the Buddhas.

Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

I now have recited them as well. However, if someone speaks insulting or false accusations about me, the Dhamma, and the Sangha, then you should state which is wrong and point out the mistake by explaining that because of this proof and that, then that is not true, or it is not like that, that kind of thing is not us, or occurring in us.

The name of the sutra derives from the vast net that the god Brahma hangs in his palace, and how each jewel in the net reflects the light of every other jewel:. It also states ten major precepts for Bodhisattvas Chinese: All are seated beneath a Bodhi-tree, all simultaneously attain Buddhahood. The rest at in note 52 above.


He should provide the visitor with all the necessities, such as food and drink, lodging, bed, and bedding. And there they dwell, mind-made, [ 36 ] feeding on delight, [ 37 ] self-luminous, moving through the air, glorious – and they stay like that for a very long time. Thus the Lord spoke, and the monks rejoiced and were delighted at his words. Buddha finally concludes the exposition of these ‘wrong’ beliefs by stating that these 62 beliefs, if they are believed, will certainly cause agitations and cravings.

Abandoning un-chastity, the ascetic Gotama lives far from it, aloof from the village-practice of sex. Abandoning malicious speech, he does not repeat there what he has heard here to the detriment of these, or repeat here what he has heard there to the detriment of those. DA says the bodies of these Devas are so delicate that if by forgetfulness they miss a single meal they will pass away from that place.

As a disciple of the Buddha, he ought to be compassionate and filial, helping all sentient beings develop the good roots of non-contention. If instead, he displays his own virtues and conceals the good points of others, thus causing them to suffer slander, he commits a Parajika offense.

In the low grade is to accept them before the images of Buddhas and holy Bodhisattvas after brahmajlaa a good sign. A fuller description is as follows:. If one does any of these things, it is a minor sin. They were recited by past Bodhisattvas, will be recited by future Bodhisattvas, and are recited by present Bodhisattvas.

He speaks whatever is blameless, pleasing to the ear, agreeable, reaching the heart, urbane, pleasing and attractive to the multitude. A deliberate pun may well be intended.

Then all Buddhas will be delighted, and all ghosts and spirits will protect such a king or official. A disciple of the Buddha must not trade in brxhmajala beverages or encourage others to do so.