“I have a class theory of literature,” Disch once explained. “I come from the wrong neighborhood to sell to The New Yorker. No matter how good I am as an artist. “And it isn’t just Camp Archimedes. It’s the whole universe. The whole goddamned universe is a fucking concentration camp.” Mordecai rolled back into the pile. In this chillingly plausible work of speculative fiction, Thomas M. Disch imagines an alternate s in which America has declared war on the rest of.

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New Wave sci-fi took many chances during this period. There are only a handful of internees, and they all seem like nice enough fellows although a couple of them a clearly ill. This topic is important to me in part cohcentration of my familiarity with Vladimir Nabokov’s postmodern novel Pale Fire for which the issue is paramount, but while thinking about that book my view of the status of other narratives was called into question.

Faustus my favorite of his books for some reason. Camp Concentration Disch, Thomas M.

Camp Concentration by Tom Disch

Mar 24, Brad rated it liked it Shelves: A young man named Mordecai proves the most thought provoking. Posted by Jesse at 5: Sorry, Louis, the military mentality here says the ends justify the means. Yes, this is science fiction, but how fitting that the technology that gets the most attention here is a discredited one, namely alchemy.

One of those authors who lulls the reader along with effortless prose, seems to always have that nice turn of phrase to embed meaning, and utilizes simile in restrained yet precise fashion, reading the text is enjoyable in itself.

Unfortunately, the drug is based on a bug that is related to syphilis and results in the untimely death of the test subject. Both books have a very inventive plots and a few solid characters but appear to act as a soapbox for Disch to write several chapters of allusion-heavy monologues interspersed with enough plot points to hold a story together.


Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch | : Books

I’m honestly surprised that it isn’t more well-known; it was insightful, deep and thought-provoking, while still offering vivid characters, imagery, vocabulary and scenery. The poet is sent to a secret concentrarion where prisoners are given an experimental drug without their knowledge or consent, a drug that increases intelligence but in less than a year will most certainly cause death. We get a very narrow field of vision, seeing and understanding only what Sacchetti shares with us, and because his transcripts are being openly read every day by HH and the psychiatrist, Dr Busk, he’s not even a terribly reliable narrator.

Aug 25, Julie Capell rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dec 09, Roger rated it it was amazing. I mention this because Camp Concentration is told in the first person as the journal of Louis Sacchetti, poet and draft The most notable thing about the dystopic view of an alternative America in Thomas Disch’s novel is the status of the narrator.

Joseph Bottum wrote of him quite fondly for The Weekly Standardand an article in the Boston Review praised in his first book, The parallels in this book abound, but with the notion of poisoned minds, whether by the State which is engaged in perpetual war or through the experiments in Camp Archimedes, where Sacchetti has been sent to participate in tests of a new mind-expanding drug, one is reminded that this book was written during the middle of the Viet Nam War era.

I felt that the plot and big reveal for “Camp Concentration” might be worth the slog, but it was not always an enjoyable experience. Books by Thomas M. We’re at war, you know! Thomas M Disch Publisher: But once he has cap you into complacency and snuck up on you, oh man. The whole ente What should be shocking instead arouses a curiosity. His next book, a history of love songs, is forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

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Camp Concentration

Check out our sister sites: This page was last edited on 30 Mayat Paperbackpages. Dec 28, Adam rated it really liked it Shelves: As a conscientious objector you have not only surrendered your rights but also your humanity. If you like books about devils and poets and alchemy, you would probably like it too. It’s an ingenious view of dystopia that uses all the tricks in the canon – including Joycean babble – concntration a definite purpose.

Disch’s book mentions a female composer named Adrienne Leverkuhn. The narrative certainly dances all around the two themes without coming to firm conclusions.

As in Algernon, it’s a diary; this time, the diary is being kept by Louis Sacchetti, a poet and conscientious objector who is assigned to the project with the brief of reporting on progress from a literary perspective.

Or is his story a figment of his imagination? Camp Concenyration, where the vast majority of the novel is set, seems ostensibly to be a weapons research facility. In recent years, Disch had turned to ironically moralized horror novels like The BusinessmanThe MDThe Priest and The Sub in which the nightmare of American suburbia is satirized through the terrible things that happen when the magical gives people cocentration chance to do what they really really want.

This is their Faustian bargain: But I can’t give it anything else at the moment.

There are probably a thousand people concenttation goodreads, and tens of thousands of bloggers out there who produce such flashes, or, amazingly, keep it up. There’s some question how much the author is faithfully writing from the point of view of a self-indulgent literary figure and how much the author is actually indulging in bei I read this one twice before: