CAN/ULC-S PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND TEST – DAILY AND MONTHLY. NOTE: Refer to Appendix D for examples of Inspection and Test Record. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected. 1 SCOPE This Standard prescribes requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions.

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System is returned to service after an extended period jlc non-service? For homeowners with ten year old multi-station type smoke alarms or who may be contemplating changing or upgrading their existing units! Spare sprinklers shall be inspected? Defective intake screen for pumps taking suction from open sources? Your sprinkler system may incorporate a flow switch or switches that are connected to your smoke alarms. Manual activation of alarm signal and indication operates.

Control valves opened until spring or torsion is felt in the rod? Check heat trace controller for trouble and ground fault response. Where fault isolation modules are installed in data communication links serving field devices, wiring d536 on the isolated side, annunciation of the fault confirmed, and then a device on the source side operated, and activation confirmed at the control unit or transponder.


Standards Council of Canada

Are all existing fire protection systems in service? Termination points for wiring to field devices secure.

Recommended Additional Testing not mandated by the Standard: Gauges tested and calibrated or replaced? Identify correct field device operation e. AH R Record the battery terminal voltage after tests are completed. Fire Safety Plan documentation on site? Control valves shall be inspected. Dry-pipe systems being maintained in dry condition?

CAN/ULC-S Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

The fire signal receiving centre is ULC Listed. Operation of each individual alarm and supervisory zone indication gives the identical indication, or lights the identical indicators at the other annunciator s and sequential display s.

X Coded signal sequences are not interrupted by subsequent alarms. I Terminals clamped tightly. G Test to ensure lights function for a duration equal to design criteria? T Generator provides power to the AC circuit serving the fire alarm system.

The attached reports comply with Canadian Inspection Standards upon which they are based. Tamper switches inspected covers secured, leaks or corrosion?

CAN/ULC-S536-04 Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Manual Pull stations tested? Foreign fan found in dry-pipe valves, check valves or pumps? Yes No Time for motor to accelerate to full speed: Batteries 2 voltage readings are normal Check accuracy of pressure gauges and sensors?

A copy of this report will be given to: Please attach testing data sheets for each system tested. Except where water cannot be discharged, test all systems simultaneously.


Vancouver, Richmond, and Langleythe individuals performing annual testing must be registered by ASTTBC ulx certified by an agency recognized by the local authority.

Extinguishment, Deluge, and Sprinkler Systems. S Input circuit supervision fault causes a trouble indication. Power for ancillary devices is taken from a source separate from the fire alarm system control unit or transponder power supply. Alarm signal silence visual indicator operates. Low points in dry systems drained prior to freezing weather?

They incorporate cab internal sounder and some also have a visible notification component strobe light to provide a localized alarm signal. All sprinkler pressure regulating control valves passed full flow test?

CAN/ULC-S | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Control valves and isolation valves on backflow prevention devices: Status change confirmation inspected and tested. O Disconnection causes trouble signal. Cap in place and not damaged? Smoke control installed in accordance with Measure: Backflow prevention assemblies shall be inspected locked or properly supervised by an acceptable electrical means. Instructions for silencing the trouble signal and action to be taken when the trouble signal sounds.

The communicator has been placed back into service.