The Black Camel has ratings and 39 reviews. Amber M. said: This was not my kind of book, at all. It was probably not terrible, and perhaps even well. A mysterious millionaire with a penchant for strange pets takes a flyer on a string of pearls and finds that death is the broker. “Charlie Chan embarks on an. Charlie Chan has 62 ratings and 8 reviews. Bobby said: I have always maintained that Earl Derr Biggers’ blend of romanticism and mystery is second to non.

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Charlie Chan: Five Complete Novels by Earl Derr Biggers

You can’t read a single page of a first year’s first paper without a zen quote or story about trees. Three and a half stars.

The plot is predictable even by Scooby Doo standards, yet the st The Chinese Parrot is the second Charlie Chan adventure, and was first published in The story is written primarily from the point of view of the jeweler’s son who is to accompany Charlie.

Mar 12, Sam Bissell rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Oct 17, Richard Schwindt rated it eatl was amazing. As might be expected, the writer’s plot and its resolution are much more in the British mystery style than in the still evolving American style of Hammett, Cha This entry in the Charlie Chan mystery series has Charlie in Honolulu trying to find the murderer of a fading Hollywood actress from among those present at her temporary home for an evening party.

The House Without a Key is that rare novel which can be read with pleasure by those who love a good mystery, or chaglie who love a light and atmospheric romance. May 21, Larry Piper rated it really liked it Shelves: For reasons unknown, Bantam chose to insert a new novel Charlie Chan Returns, penned by “Dennis Lynds” in into the series and call it 4.


This is a High Society type caper so everyone is sophisticated. Toler appeared in many more films. Now that I’ve finished the book I’ve done a little googling and discover that it was written in I was reading this book in a Big Print edition a library book passed on to me by my motherand it has no information about the author or about first publication or anything like that.

As he passed Miss Minerva he bowed with a courtesy encountered all too rarely in a work-a-day world […]. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We, the reader and Chan will solve the case together. Fane is discovered stabbed; her pretty orchard corsage tramped and still keeping the secret that has her hesitating to marry her rich and handsome suitor.

Cohan quickly adapted the novel as a hit Broadway stage play cuan the same name. Chan learns that Shelah claimed to know who his murder Her fans loved beautiful movie star Shelah Fane, although her career seemed to be waning.

Thi Classic drawing room mystery. Moto series, another contemporary series featuring an East Asian protagonist; Luke appeared as Lee Chan, not only in already shot footage but also in scenes with Moto actor Peter Lorre. In each one, there is giggers a romantic side story with a young man and a young woman, usually a quite liberated young woman for those days. His character, too, has changed. Why did writer Earl Derr Biggers have to die in with only 6 Chan mystery stories under his belt?


Charlie Chan – Wikipedia

I could kill him for dying much too young! However, it didn’t take me long to figure that it’s a reprint of a book written many years ago – the dialogue sounds like one of those black-and-white American movies did real-life people ever really talk that way?

Suzi rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Indeed, by placing Chan undercover as a Chinese menial, Biggs is able to force the issue of the Chinese stereotypes and allow Chan to make the case for the dignity and respect for the Chinese people living in America. This may be one of the best “who done it mystery” books ever.

The Black Camel

It will be quite some time before I read another. Along the way he admits that there may have been some resentment of the white man existing among the Chinese people.

Recently, I watched a few old Charlie Chan movies from the mid-’40s, starring Sidney Toler who took up the reins after Warner Oland retired. Serr to Book Page. And, in fact, one of these three the one I thought the least likely was correct. Though a more-than-competent writer, Biggers is constantly redolent of slick magazine fiction — in other words, a facile, charming writer, but fundamentally a superficial crowd pleaser. How does a world famous adventurer fit into the dr Jun 17, Gilbert Stack rated it really liked it.

He sees this as a chance for evening the score.