Recettes Cuisine du Bled vous fournit un ensemble de plats et recettes pour les personnes qui souhaitent apprendre ou réapprendre les. 7 sept. Recette Marocaine Facile et Rapide vous fournit un ensemble de plats et recettes pour les personnes qui souhaitent apprendre ou. 22 كانون الثاني (يناير) chhiwat choumicha 2m, chhiwat choumicha ramadan , chhiwat bladi, chhiwat choumicha en arabe, chhiwat choumicha video, chhiwat.

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For those who have had a problem to watch. Sousoukitchen warmly welcomes you.

If you like to receive my posting sooner,please sign up for my Newsletter. Thanks for your visit, hope to see you soon. I am sure that your children are going to like them. This is not a recipe today but an authentic Moroccan getaway. To have a real Moroccan chohmicha with a typical traditional tasteuse. I invite you to watch the video.


How to make authentic moroccan Couscous from scratch. In my view, there is no substitute for steamed couscous. The best way to see this difference is to do a test.

Samosa Recipe Samosa, samoussa or Samoosa is a recipe that comes from India. I stuffed the briouats this time with ground. For those who have had a problem to watch my videos in my blog, can watch them here.

AL MAGHRIBIA- Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision (Maroc)

How to prepare meloui or rghayef, a moroccan pancakes. Meloui are moroccan pancakes that are served especially on breakfast. They are a little bit different than msemen. Use a non stick pan in order to habe a nice crispy and shiny golden color.

choumicha photos on Flickr | Flickr

In Morocco, these meloui is also prepared for the traditional Moroccan dish “Rfissa”. Cream Cheese Chocolate Cupcakes. Trip to Fes-Morocco Part 1. It is best to explore the city in spring or choumicga. Published by sousoukitchen-en commenter cet article.


Harcha with Milk-Moroccan semolina bread recipe. I invite you to watch the video at the end. Moroccan mint tee-Moroccan recipe.

To have a real Moroccan tea with a typical traditional tasteuse the Moroccan sugar that is in the picture 9aleb dual Soukar. Published by sousoukitchen-en – dans Drinks commenter cet article.

Published by sousoukitchen-en – dans My adventures – travel Published by sousoukitchen-en – dans Couscous commenter cet article. Today’s recipe is vegetarian. Published by sousoukitchen-en – dans Ramadan recipes commenter cet article. Moroccan Sardines with Charmoula.

khadija slaoui

To complete the menu, serve a good Moroccan bread and a Moroccan mint tea “Mchaher”. Published by sousoukitchen-en – dans Moroccan specialities commenter cet article. I stuffed the briouats this time with ground meat, eggs and spices.