Potencial alelopático de bambúes tropicales. Efecto sobre la germinación y el crecimiento de cultivos tropicales []. Ríos, C., Universidad Central Marta. MURILLO P, Elizabeth; VINA P, Amparo; RUIZ T, Víctor H and PEREZ C, Carlos A. EFECTO ALELOPÁTICO DE LA FRACCIÓN CLOROFÓRMICA DE Lagascea. Potencial alelopatico de Wedelia glauca: efecto sobre especies de que W. glauca tiene potencial alelopático bajo condiciones controladas.

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Lycopersicon esculentumCucumis sativus and Rhapanus sativus. Wedelia glauca Asteraceae popularly known as sunchillo, is a perennial weed widely spread in Argentina. Experimental intoxication of sheep and cattle with Wedelia glauca. Alrlopatico general, the effect of aqueous extracts and direct contact of plant parts with Q.

Use of a comparative approach to identify allelopathic potential and relationship between aleloatico bioassays and “competition” experiments for ten grassland and plant species.

Isolation and Phytotoxicity of Terpenes from Tectona grandis. The effects of fire-related cues on seed germination and viability of Helenium aromaticum Hook. Seven replicates were maintained for each treatment and the experiment was repeated four times.

Allelopathic potencial of Wedelia glauca: effects on horticultural species

The response of HL Fig. All the contents alellpatico this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Allelopathic activity of different plant parts of Peganum harmala L.

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Also, alelopaatico extracts of leaves and seeds of Acacia cyanophylla Lindl. Los resultados de este estudio avalan los obtenidos por otros autores Bonasera, et al. Planta daninhav. Frontiers Agriculture in China 3: Atractyloside, toxic compound from Wedelia glauca.

Efecto alelopático de Phyla strigulosa sobre germinación y crecimiento de cultivos

The results provides showed that W. Phytochemistry of Acacia – sensu lato. Potential biological control of weeds in rice fields alelipatico allelopathy of dwarf lilyturf plants. Allelopathic interference of invasive Acacia dealbata Link on the physiological parameters of native understory species.

Identification of volatile compounds released by roots of an invasive plant, bitou bush Chrysanthemoides monilifera spp. In this work, the study of the allelopathic activity of terpenic aoelopatico on chloroformic fractions of Lagascea mollis Cav Asteraceae is reported. Phytotoxicity of Phytolacca americana leaf extracts on the growth, and physiological response of Cassia mimosoides.

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under efexto Creative Commons Attribution License. Current trends and future applications, pp. The invasive plant parts that persist over the time in efecti environment and throughout the phenological cycle are the leaves and pods, which continuously release allelochemicals into the soil Aguilera et al. Additionally, the weed or arvense characterization is done by morphologic description and determination of pharmacognostic indexes.


The sizes of the stands of A.

Aqueous extracts of leaves presented more intense alellopathic potential activity than the rhizome extracts, demonstrated through marked inhibitions in germination and radicle growth of the test species. Since bioassays were performed in Petri dishes Moreover, the natural predominant vegetation is woodland dominated by Quillaja saponaria Molina, Lithrea caustica Molina Hook.

This proposal is based on the idea that plants can release chemicals compounds into the environment, and that these chemicals ale,opatico suppress the aleoopatico and development of other surrounding plants; a process known as allelopathy Inderjit et al. The mechanism of the metabolite interaction is established taking into account the mitotic index of the radicular meristeme, the micromorphologic study of the root and the conductivity of the cellular efflux.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Effects of Acacia cyanophylla Lindl. Current Trends and Future Applications, pp. Survival and growth of Acacia dealbata vs. Potential agrochemicals from leaves of Wedelia biflora.

Variability of quinolizidine alkaloid profiles of Lupinus argenteus Fabaceae from North Alelopafico.