Sobre el duelo y el dolor (Spanish Edition) eBook: Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, David Kessler, Silvia Guiu Navarro: : Kindle Store. Esta obra es el legado final de Elisabeth Kübler- Ross, la autoridad más respetada dentro del campo de la muerte y el proceso de morir. Poco antes de fallecer. Sobre el duelo y el dolor: Elisabeth ; Kessler, David Kübler-Ross: Books –

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The world-famous bestseller that brought new insight, hope and understanding to millions now available on CD! It is not a psychoanalytic study, nor is it a “how-to” manual for managing death. Rather, it refocuses on the patient as a human being and a teacher, in the hope that we will learn from him or her about lubler final stages of life.

On Death and Dying examines the attitudes of the dying and le factors that contribute to society’s anxiety over death. It closely looks at the five stages of death denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, elizzabeth acceptance and how the dying and living deal with them.

In addition, this program offers multi-voice readings of some of the most revealing interviews Dr. By hearing some of the most intimate and sensitive feelings expressed by those men and women, it is hoped that we may learn more about death and lessen our own anxieties sl the natural course of our lives.

At its heart, On Death and Dying is a truly remarkable program about communication offering insight on how to talk with and listen to the terminally ill, and truly hear their fears, hopes, angers, and anxieties.


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Sobre El Duelo Y El Dolor – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross – Google Books

This was the first book to confront an issue that society wanted to hide away in the privacy of people’s homes – how to deal with death. It was written in the late s, but its findings are as relevant today as ever.

It became a textbook read in every medical school in the world, and its messages informed a generation of those responsible for institutional end-of-life care. I bought it for background reading during research I needed to do to write a history of the hospice in my hometown in New Zealand, New Plymouth. It’s incredibly informative, and I can see how it would radically change approaches in the western world’s hospices and medical wards. The sad thing is the author’s name has disappeared from the reference lists of modern texts on this topic, and I suspect for a bizarre reason.


When she was in her 90s, Kubler-Ross wrote a last book on the subject of whether there is an after-life. She was convinced one exists, after observing what happened to blind patients who suffered a near-death event and despite their lack of vision were able to describe what members of the life-saving crash team wore. She interviewed many patients with similar stories to tell, which persuaded her that something existed for us after we departed this life. But her views were debunked, and her credibility was destroyed.

The findings she made in this earlier book are strongly present in many of the books that have followed – but she gets no credit for them. It amounts to a massive case of intellectual dishonesty on the part of those who fail to recognise her fundamental contribution. Dr Kubler-Ross is a hero of mine. To the point that I did an assessment on her life and discovered a headstrong child who wanted to FEEL what life was like. She grew up unrecognised as an individual, part of the circus of attention that triplets bring.

When she was 16 and the war had ended, she walked to Russia and back again, working in the reconstruction of post-war Europe. She stood in the doorway to the chambers at Maidanek, a Polish concentration camp. She looked at the wooden walls, etched with last messages and images of butterflies symbolising life after death.

Elisabeth asked her about her hatred of her captors and the girl replied something about not strewing the seeds of hate, that we all have an inner Hitler when we are faced with our own mortality. With that, she went to medical school in Zurich, met an American student, married him and moved to America. She began to visit patients, sitting with them as they talked, listening to their needs and their stories, finding that there is a wealth of wisdom in those frail people.

  HAVIL 2003 PDF

Dr Kubler-Ross believed in the dignity of living with dying.

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

She polished the art of listening to the needs of terminal patients, how to allow them to pass with tenderness and non-intervention. To make dying a time of preciousness and honour. She taught me how to be present for my mother when she died. When I got the call that Mama needed me, I didn’t know what to do.

Each one was instrumental in helping me give my mother a loving, hands-on, joyful exodus from the pain of elizabetj. I recommend this book highly. Not only for assisting with a peaceful death, but as a sufferer of the grief of losing someone who meant the sobrd to me.

Worthwhile to read once, enlightening to read over and over again. I bought this as dueloo gift. I read the book many years ago and the information from the book has stayed with me for all these years. If you have a loved one dying, or even has died, this books story can help you. At the time I read it, I had no loved one sick or dying, I was just curious. elizabetu

I read and read and learned from it. I would buy again and gift to someone I care for and about. A book for a lifetime. My mom was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. A very good friend recommended that I read this book.

It yy proving to be a great aid, to help me understand the stages vuelo dying, how the patient often copes with their challenge, and how I can be supportive in their time of need.

Some months down the road and My wife has passed and I can see the value of this book. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados.

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