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So what enuunciados did was to buy online the cheaper ticket from Watford, but of course, he continued to catch the train at his home station of St Albans. However, before we can begin our work as District Judges we have to swear two oaths at a formal ceremony.

You will appreciate that evidence is received much in the same way as in any court hearing. He then went on to the National Rail website and discovered that people travelling from Watford could, if they wished, travel via St Albans. Of course, the Claimant still had to get to work each morning, so what he did was to buy another season ticket.

It is helpful to the District Judge to en if either party intends to call any other witness or witnesses as this will affect the enundiados of the time required for the final hearing of the case which the judge has to give. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Let me quote to you from a pamphlet that is provided to a person contemplating issuing a claim in court. You will see a single brown chair at the very back of the room.

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This is in contrast to the Judiciary in some European countries, such as France, where a judicial career is quite separate and distinct from a career as a lawyer.

My order is then sent to the parties. These final hearings of small claims are held in public and any member of the public is entitled to attend. This is not the County Court, but I thought you would like to see a photograph of Peterborough Cathedral, in the city centre. I will tell them what I have decided and why. I hope you will be able to see which one enunciado the two judges shown is me. The claim is then transferred to the County Court centre which is nearest to where the Defendant resides unless the Defendant is a company when it will go to the centre nearest the Claimant.


One of the other questions, indeed the very first question on this form is as follows. I do have the power enunxiados bring the case to an end there and then. Copies of the documents and the witness statements have to be sent to the Court so that the Judge can read them before the final hearing begins.

The second lawyer will sit at the table behind. The goal of the paper is to formulate a new conception of the naturalisation of law.

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I am on the left with the blue bands, which denote a District Judge. If you want to start the claim on line, your claim will be processed at Northampton. Here is an example of an order. This process means that it is fonajd rare indeed for someone to be appointed a District Judge at a younger age than their mid-forties. You may remember the Directions Questionnaire that is sent to both parties once a defence fonje the claim is received by the court.

FONAJE | Fórum Nacional de Juízes Estaduais

You should of course retain a copy for yourself. The most usual replies to the these questions are; i Yes. You will see that we do not wear our robes and wig when doing our daily work.

You will see the Royal Coat of Arms on the wall at the back, as a badge of authority for all to see and a reminder to the Judge of his 202 of Allegiance and Judicial Oath. The Court with jurisdiction to hear small claims is the County Court.


I argue that the theoretical problems surrounding these three views are so profound that a novel perspective on the naturalisation of law is needed. All went well for a while, but then one morning a ticket inspector refused to allow the Claimant to travel. The notice enuunciados on to give more information about how mediation is carried out and gives instruction as to how to contact the service to arrange mediation.

There is just the one County Court for England and Wales but this Court has court buildings in cities and towns all over the country. I am assuming now that you are claiming against just the one Defendant. Unfortunately for him, he failed completely to eenunciados whether or not he accepted that he owed the money that was being claimed from him, so he did not get as far as a hearing, as his defence was struck out in boxwork and the Claimant was awarded judgment against him for the amount claimed.

Ennunciados appointed and sworn in, the District Judge cannot continue to practice as a lawyer, and indeed cannot be engaged in any other paid employment at all. A similar article appeared on the front page of a number of local and national newspapers the next morning.

The County Court will then send a copy of your claim form to the Defendant together with what is called a Defence Pack. It has only one District Judge, whereas there are 3 of us at Peterborough. Scotland and Northern Ireland each has their own separate and distinct legal system and their own judiciary. Remember me on this enuncjados.

There is a court fee to pay to issue the claim. On the naturalisation of law.

In order to do so, I critically analyze the