The department had launched an online application for CST forms. to respective MVAT Return Forms, like Form , , , , & Form III E under the. New Forms under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT) annexures and returns in Form , Form , Form , Form , Form and. Single revised return for year onwards under MVAT Act (3) This Workbook also consists of Return Forms Viz., Form, ,

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Form filer need not file sales annexure. Newly registered dealers filling First return. For the month of April If buyer is having monthly periodicity and the supplier is having Quarterly periodicity then the buyer will get the For, till the due date for the Quarter April-June i. It is advised to follow the Standard Practises of accounting. Further, you can use the options provided to view the report ledger wise, commodity wise or voucher wise for foorm states. The activity of preparation of annexures and preview return shall be off line.

Electronic Forms

Dealer is not required to fill up the entire return form as maximum fields of return shall be auto populated in the preview return itself. Purchase value and tax amount should be equal to the amount shown in Box 8. Secondly, if there is wrong mention 213 form type in payment made for overall payment for that period is done then what action is proposed?

Drill down to view the list of VAT adjustment mavt.


This is the amount of Interest Payable in respect of delayed payments. Displays the balance VAT payable for the period. Total of tax rate-wise analysis of within the State purchases from registered dealers eligible for set-off should be equal to Box 7 m. Hence payment after due date is liable for interest mva submission of return after due date is liable for late fee. Amount adjusted should be supported by Refund Adjustment Order.

How setoff to be adjusted against monthly sales.

Form is uploaded by employer irrespective of the fact whether such Dealer has disclosed sales in Forms or ? Annexure template can be downloaded from the website of MSTD www. You can drill down from any row to view the list of vouchers with rorm value and tax amount. Practically dealers submit challan with cheque to his banker and banker makes online firm.

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Drill down from this row to view tax payment vouchers with insufficient information. In SAP, Tally system etc. After uploading the file, a draft return shall be displayed for submission.

Will system accept these different forms for same dealer in different quarters of the same year? If dealer does not agree with the draft return shown by the system, whether Submission of draft return is compulsory? Therefore, in such cases also, set off cannot be disallowed in accordance with new scheme of returns. Balance amount of purchases of taxable goods from registered dealers under MVAT Act, and are eligible for set-off. TDS returns are filed annually after close of the financial year by mat June of subsequent year.


Credit shall transfer, only if the return in form is filed with payment. Second entry for claim of deduction of sub-contract for Rs. To display the list of purchase transactions Select Purchases.

FAQS in respect Of MVAT Return Filing in New Automation System – All About Finance

Government bill number can be inserted in sales annexure. Cash sales or sales to consumer can be 21 aggregated under transaction code In case the dealer has opted for composition scheme and total turnover is under composition then have to file return in Form Adjustment towards CST payable as per return for this period.

Subsequently in June, supplier files revised return and ITC is forn. This also includes the amount of interest already paid and included in the payments in Box 10A C. Computation of Turnover of purchases eligible for set-off. In all these cases tax is not charged separately in bill and buyer is not claiming any set off.

It is informed orally that filling rows for this field is optional. Disclosure of sales by contractor and sub-contractor are not dependent for deduction. This is the team of the finance profession who, update the site on daily basis.