8 ago. Resumo: As aves figuram entre os mais importantes dispersores de sementes em praticamente todos os ambientes terrestres. Apesar de. Composição da avifauna, frugivoria e dispersão de sementes por aves em áreas de floresta estacional semidecidual e cerrado, no Parque Estadual de Porto. 11 mar. Os objetivos deste trabalho foram (1) comparar a frugivoria e a dispersão de sementes por aves frugívoras entre espécies de Ficus.

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Reproduction for commercial use is forbidden. We recorded 90 interactions involving 22 species of plants and 33 species of birds.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Seed dispersal in ages landscapes. Conservation Biologyv. We counted the fruits in focal plants once a week during two month.

From seed production to seedling establishment: SUMMARY Forests loss and habitat fragmentation due to agricultural activity could be related to different ecological processes such as biotic dispersion, as well as the maintenance of native plant diversity and exotic plant invasions.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics Seed dispersal and frugivory: Ficus eximia did not show a clear pattern, once it was only highly consumed by birds in a specific microhabitat not included on the fragmentation analysis.

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Neotropical Ornithological Monographsv. We found that the PFSP has a bird richness similar to large fragments of the region, although the most sensitive species and more demanding in the resources exploitation are less abundant compared to generalist species and to the most conserved fragments of the surroundings. Por otro lado, algunos frugivorka muestran que los movimientos de aves son mayores dentro de bosques continuos que entre fragmentos Van Houtan et al.

A total of 32 bird species were observed consuming figs of six Ficus species. Determinants of seed disperser effectiveness: Dispersal of melastomataceae seeds by fruit-eating birds of tropical forest understory.

Frugivoria de Ficus (Moraceae) por aves em paisagens com diferentes níveis de fragmentação

Metadata Mostrar registro completo. Forestry Ecology and Management, v. Seed dispersal patterns produced by white-faced monkeys: Mean fruits survival time days between fragments and continuous forest for woody plant species or species with other life forms. Journal of Arid Environments Frugivorous animals disperse their seeds and contribute for the maintenance of fig trees populations.

Parque Estadual do Morro do Diabo Quantity, quality and the effectiveness of seed dispersal by animals. Avez was availability of attractive fruit throughout the year, with peak productivity between September and October, in line with the pre-reproductive period of birds and the arrival of migratory species. Global Ecology and Biogeographyv. Body masses of birds of the cerrado region, Brazil.


Revista do Instituto Florestalv. Fructification phenology as an important tool in the recovery of iron mining areas in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Tree species impoverishment and the future flora of the Atlantic Forest of northeast Brazil. Dispersal and distribution in cerrado vegetation of Brazil. Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia, v. Services on Demand Journal. Effects of forest fragmentation on the granivory of differently sized seeds. A two Passiflora species at continuous sites and one forest fragment.

Zanthoxylum coco Gillies ex Hook. FSP in the exotic bush was lower than in the native bush species. How long fruit-eating birds stay in grugivoria plants where they feed: Acta Botanica Brasilicav. Sociedade e Naturezav. Services on Demand Journal. Frugivoria por aves em bordas de fragmentos florestais, Uberlandia, MG.

Forest fragmentation severs mutualism between seed dispersers and an endemic African tree. Life form and biogeographic status of ornithocorous species and Mean density individuals m -2 recorded in study sites of Chaco forest in Cordoba Province.