This manual instruction for using the Garmin® Rino®. HCx or the Rino® HCx (Radio Integrated with. Navigation for the Outdoors). NOte: The significant. View and Download Garmin RINO HCx owner’s manual online. 2-way radio and gps. RINO HCx Two-Way Radio pdf manual download. Also for: Rino. GPS Garmin Rino different pdf manuals and documents on this page.

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Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Garmin reserves the right to change or improve its gramin and to make changes in the content without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes or improvements. Contact Garmin Product Support by phone: Switch OFF your radio before boarding an aircraft or check the airline rules. Potentially explosive Atmospheres—Turn your radio OFF and do not remove your battery when you are in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Table of Contents Introduction Using Detailed Mapping Data Transferring Data to a microSD Card Caring 530hfx the Rino Keep in mind that FRS channels only transmit at 0. All of the information needed to operate the Rino is found on five default main pages only four for the Rino HCx.

Access the Main pages by pressing the on-screen Main page button. Operating the Rino For best results, calibrate the compass and altimeter contained in the Rino HCx before use.

To use the Rocker: Inserting the microSD card in a standard SD card adapter and card reader allows for faster transfer. To purchase high capacity microSD cards and pre- loaded map data sets from Garmin. Visit the Garmin Web site: Remove the battery pack from the back of the unit by turning the locking D-Ring and lifting up.

tarmin Locate the card tray at the center of the battery compartment. To take advantage of all of the Rino features, communication with other Rinos is necessary. The Radio page also provides access to the Weather Radio available in Rino HCx onlywhich provides a constant update of current weather conditions by receiving NOAA weather broadcasts for your area.

US units only and are disabled by default. See the Appendix for a chart of Rino frequencies.

Codes do not cause your conversation to be private. They only allow you to filter out other users on the same channel, so you only hear the radio s you want to hear.

To change the Channel or Code: Move the Rocker up or down to scroll through the selections. Because not all the items fit in the window, a slider bar on the right side indicates your current position in the list. VOX accessories allow you to use the unit hands- free. The Weather Alert feature further enhances the Weather Radio by automatically detecting any weather alert tones if you are not actively transmitting or receiving with the radio.


Press enter when Enable Weather Alert is selected to turn it on. Radio Page Status Indicators The Radio page status bar shows icons and the status window shows both messages and icons to describe current operating conditions, depending on what you are doing. See below for an explanation of messages and icons. Using the Rino Radio Features Your Rino provides many features, such as transmitting your location and receiving contact information.

Contacts behave like waypoints and count towards the maximum waypoint total. If the contact did not have a GPS location on the last transmission, the last known position appears overlaid by a question mark in the location field. The Map page can show a higher level of detail than the basemap provided with the unit i. Use the Pan Map feature accessed from the Map page option menuto move a small outline arrow Map Pointer about the page to select and identify map items or to scroll the map and view areas not shown.

Status bar Accuracy circle Map scale Position Icon Map Page Options Map page options allow a variety of operating and custom features for your Rino. The Map page options are: On-screen buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to Go To the map item, show it on the map or to select OK and return to the Map page.

To Find an item near the map pointer: Sub-page buttons Setup items To use Map Setup options: Some types of data appear only at certain zoom scales. Data fields at the top of the page provide navigation information. Rino HCx feature only. The compass ring with pointer is in-line with the two sighting marks on the case.

Hold the Rino HCx at eye level and line up the two sighting marks on the case with a distant object. Press Enter to lock direction. The Sighting page opens. To turn the compass on and off: Press and hold the Z Zoom key. The Plot or Profile Field is located in the center of the page, configure it to show either elevation or ambient pressure or barometer plots as selected from the Altimeter page option menu.

Use View Pressure Plot to view a record of changes in the ambient or the barometric pressure for a set period of time. Satellite Page The Satellite page provides a picture of satellite signal tracking, tells you when the unit is ready for navigation, and shows your location coordinates.

Mark Waypoint Page Use the Mark Waypoint page to mark and record your current location as a waypoint. It shows the waypoint, a waypoint symbol, date and time, location coordinates, approximate elevation, and direction and distance from your current location.

The Rino can store waypoints. Symbol Mark Waypoint Page To mark your current location and open the Averaging a Waypoint Averaging a waypoint location increases the accuracy of a waypoint at your current location by taking multiple position readings and averaging the results.


To average a waypoint: Select Average Location from the options list or the Avg button on the Mark Waypoint page when marking a new waypoint only.

GPS Garmin Rino user’s manuals in pdf

Find Use the Find Menu to search for marked locations, cities, and garmln included in the Rino basemap. Additional categories appear depending on the optional MapSource compatible detailed maps or BlueChart data loaded in the unit. When you open a Find category, it contains those items near your current location or the pointer if active. Recent Finds The Recent Finds page contains a list of the last 50 items you have viewed while searching.

To go to a recently found item: From the Find Menu select Recent Finds. View the list of geocache locations created using your Rino or downloaded from your computer. For more information about geocaching, go to my.

Garmin RINO 530HCx Owner’s Manual

To find a geocache: From the Main Menu, select Find. Select Geocache to open the Geocache page. To find a city: From the Find Menu, select Cities. The Cities page shows a list of cities near your current location.

Enter to open the information page for the item. Off Road immediately projects a line to your destination. The Map page is shown where you can observe your movements and a navigation line indicating the path from your current location to your destination.

If you choose Yes the entire track is saved. If you choose No, the track is shown on the map along with a panning arrow. To read or transfer the. Use Garmin MapSource or another.

To delete these track logs from the microSD card, select individual logs, and then press Enter. Use the Delete All button to clear the entire list. With the Saved Track page for the track shown, use the option menu to select Profile. Routes use existing roadways to calculate a route to your destination.

Turns on roadways are added to the Active Route page and are preceded by a guidance message with a graphic of the turn. To preview the turns for an active route: On the Routes page, select a saved route to open the page for that route.

Turn Preview Page 2. Select Navigate to begin navigation and show the route on the Map page. To review individual route points: Select a saved route. Select a point on the route to open an options menu.

To delete a route: Setup Menu To access Setup Menu: From the Main Menu, select Setup.