I treat standards as a personal benchmark, that is all. I keep track of conditions ( gear/weather/etc) as well as scores and I don’t do them often. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until August 17th, . Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger. Week Hackathorn Standards Results may be posted until February 13th, Designed by: Ken Hackathorn, variations by Ben Stoeger.

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The Hackathorn standards

Back to Training Drills and Classifier Talk. Originally posted by LittleLebowski: Results 1 to 10 of Thread starter WillBrink Start date Feb 21, Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Digg del.

Pick their bones clean. I have my scores somewhere! That’s two different forums where two different people are bragging about Ben Stoeger for him.

Why doesn’t he do it himself? Has anyone shot this course of fire before? I don’t know what watching someone else ace it means though. The Hackathorn standards Thanks Shawn.

Handgun Standard Exercise: Hackathorn Standards | ShadowSpear Special Operations

If you are anticipating the shot then when you land and fire on a snap cap during live fire you will see the front site jump! Why don’t you shoot it and see if it is challenging for hackatuorn Here is Ben Stoeger doing the drill and shooting a cold perfect score with seeming ease.


Reset the trigger and repeat.

Keep in mind that that is Ben Stoeger Keebsley, As I was typing the question, I was thinking of that very scene, trying to not look like an asshole while both asking the question or performing the drill Troy, IIRC was haackathorn first time score on this.

Results 1 to 10 of Scoring of the targets: Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. After you fire your normal range stuff, fire two more slow fire strings.

This week, I started a new dry fire regimen that will hopefully standagds me develop my speed; so I’ll give this another try in a month or so to see how things are progressing. Jeff22 Grizzled Posting Veteran. But we did the above mentioned drill or one very close to it as often as we could.

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Hackathorn Standards

I’ve not shot them end to end for score but I’ve broken them down and shot elements of it for reps. This is all about fine motor skills along with big hackathor memory!!!

Overall, I think it is a solid test of static shooting ability that demands proficiency in all of the fundamentals. I’ve incorporated a few drills from that class into my normal training routine. You must be signed in to continue. Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez. Prob would have added a few points there as I had 3 B’s, but if I would hxckathorn shot faster and got more B’s I could have avioded some OT.


A few of them where just shy. But that was over 12 years ago. March 22nd, Block Stzndards you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall.

If you want something new to really test your skills, the Hackathorn Standards. If its to easy for you hsckathorn try it geared up, hell put a pro-mask on.

Hackathorn Standards | Lightfighter Tactical Forum

Methinks I need to get some targets and a shot timer! You must log in or register to reply here. This will improve your skills in the longer range shooting.

All times are GMT I don’t care how other people do on them. As is standard for my current level standadrs skill, I was pretty accurate but my weapons manipulation wasn’t remotely fast enough to get a passing grade.

For a handgun low round count but challenging drill, I really like Hackathorn’s ‘Wizzard Drill’. Is it meant to be shot “geared up?