Herstatt Bank (Bankhaus I.D. Herstatt K.G.a.A.) was a privately owned bank in the German city of Cologne. It went bankrupt on 26 June in a famous incident illustrating settlement risk in international finance. Settlement risk is sometimes called “Herstatt risk,” named after the well-known failure of the German bank Herstatt. On June 26, , the bank. Herstatt risk: read the definition of Herstatt risk and + other financial and investing terms in the Financial Glossary.

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Herstatt Bank Bankhaus I. It went bankrupt on 26 June in a famous incident illustrating settlement risk in international finance. It led to the creating of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision a committee comprises representatives from central banks and regulatory authorities to help find ways to avoid such risks herrstatt future.

Herstatt risk | Treasury Today

By the bank had assets of over DM2 billion, making it the 35th risj bank in Germany. Herstatt Bank became a significant participant in the foreign exchange markets.


During andthe U. The bank made wrong bets on the direction of the dollar, and by June had accumulated DM million in losses, compared with capital of only DM44 million.

Settlement risk

On 26 JuneGerman regulators forced the troubled Bank Herstatt into liquidation. The bank was closed at Because of time zone differences, Herstatt ceased operations between the times of the respective payments.

The counterparty banks did not receive their USD payments. Responding to the cross-jurisdictional implications of the Herstatt debacle, the G countries the G is actually eleven countries: Called the Basel Committee on Banking Supervisionthe rixk comprises representatives from central banks and regulatory authorities.

This type rissk settlement risk, in which one party in a foreign exchange trade pays out the currency it sold but does not receive the currency it bought, is sometimes called Herstatt risk. The failure of Herstatt Bank was a key factor that led to the worldwide implementation of real-time gross settlement RTGS systems, which ensure that payments between one bank and another are executed in real-time and are considered final.


This payment versus payment PVP process enables member banks to trade foreign currencies without assuming the settlement risk associated with the process, whereby a counterparty could fail before delivering their leg of the transaction.

Herstatt Bank

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