In Hyperspace, Michio Kaku, author of the widely acclaimed Beyond Einstein and a leading theoretical physicist, offers the first book-length tour of the most. Hyperspace has ratings and reviews. Nathan said: Michio Kaku apparently spent his childhood building super-colliders in his parents’ garage. I. Hyperspace: A Scientific Odyssey Through Parallel Universes, Time Warps, and Michio Kaku, Author, Robert O’Keefe, Illustrator Oxford University Press, USA.

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It was a bit too dry and technical for me. Beginning with Hyprrspace, the giants of twenti- eth-century physics have tried and failed to find such a unifying scheme.

They published their claim not in an obscure “fringe” journal, but in the prestigious Physical Review Letters. Physics of the Impossible Time Visions of the Future. More recently, the power of the electromagnetic force has been used in electronic computers which have revolutionized the office, home, school, and military and in lasers which have intro- duced new vistas in communications, surgery, compact disks, advanced Pentagon weaponry, and even the check-out stands in groceries.

Hyperspace (book) – Wikipedia

With his instruments, Faraday could measure the strength of these lines of force from a magnetic or an elec- tric charge at any point in his laboratory. We will never share your email.

At each point, there is a series of six numbers that describes both the magnetic and electric lines of force. Because his fame had spread far and wide, he was often visited by curious bystanders. Since travel through the wormhole is nearly instantaneous, one could use the wormhole to go backward in time. Quantum mechanics, as the author explains, is a convoluted, ugly theory that is only still around because of its abilities to quite precisely predict experimental data.

To understand how adding higher dimensions can simplify physical problems, consider the following example: The quantum theory, by contrast, is a theory of the very small, i.

Hyperspace – Michio Kaku – Oxford University Press

Calorimetry Second Edition Richard Wigmans. They talked about him with great reverence, calling him one of the greatest scientists in all history. In fact, the energy is a quadrillion times larger than the energy of our largest atom smashers. In this book he uses what we know about quantum kxku to explore possibilities formerly relegated exclusively to science fiction. Lays down the history and concepts in a way that makes sense and makes you get it.


To have an intuitive understanding of these concepts, however, it is important to start at the beginning. Since wormholes may connect two different time eras, they may also provide a means for time travel. Conclusion, Notes, References and Suggested Reading, Index, But the creative principle hyperpace in mathematics.

Traveling Through Space and Time The hyperspace theory has also reopened the question of whether hyper- space can be used to travel through space and time.

Then glue the two sheets together along the two cuts Figure 2. Einstein extended this concept to include time as the fourth dimen- sion.

Ever since Flight 19, a group of U. Simply vanished, without leaving a trace. Evading the Death of the Universe It is often said that the only constants of human society are death and taxes. The mother also died before her children were grown.

Our four-dimensional universe expanded explosively, while our twin six-dimensional universe contracted violently, until it shrank to almost infinitesimal size. But if we see these forces as vibrations in a higher dimensional space, their field equations suddenly fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, perfectly snug, in an elegant, astonishingly simple form. The motion of hot and cold masses of air, set in motion by the earth’s spin, thus helps to explain why the winds generally blow in one direction, depending on where you are on the earth.

Yet, the impact of ‘the fourth dimension’ was far more comprehensive hyperapace that of Black Holes or any other more recent scientific hypothesis except Relativity Theory after When Alice falls down a rabbit hole or steps through the looking glass, she enters Wonderland, akku strange place where Cheshire cats disappear leaving only their smilemagic mushrooms turn hyperzpace dren into giants, and Mad Hatters celebrate “unbirthdays.

In one masterful stroke, like open- ing up a musty, darkened room to the brilliance of a warm summer’s sun, Riemann’s lecture exposed the world to the dazzling properties of higher-dimensional space.

Attempts by the greatest minds of the hyperspae century to provide a unifying picture of all the known forces have failed.


View all 6 comments. Another three numbers every- where in space can describe the electric field. It takes 16 numbers to describe the metric tensor for each point in four-dimensional space.

Attempts to splice these two forces have always failed. Hyperapace, because the hyperspace theory is a genuine field theory, we eventually expect it to produce numerical answers determining whether these intriguing concepts are possible. According to Hyperspacr theory, the size of these curled up dimensions is called the Planck length,’ which is billion billion times smaller than the proton, too small to be probed by even by our largest atom smasher.


Only by retracing your steps and falling back into the worm- hole can you return to your familiar world. This is the book that allowed me to fool an entire room of graduate students into thinking I was utterly Brilliant. More precisely, there is “enough room” in Riemann’s metric to unite the forces of nature. Kaku covers both hyperzpace basics Schroedinger’s Kakk, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, double-slit experiment, etc and the newest insights into the String Theory.

The Cosmic Quest for the Theory of the Universe coauthored with Jennifer TrainerI investigated super- string theory, described the nature of subatomic particles, and discussed at length the visible universe and how all the complexities of matter might be explained by tiny, vibrating strings. Although some of the book was way over my head, I read the rest with great interest and learned a busload of new things about Quantum Theory.

Riemann found that in four spatial dimensions, one needs a collection of ten numbers at each point to describe its properties. Because their bodies would also be crumpled, these bookworms would never notice that their world was distorted.

Consequently, many physicists are now convinced that a conventional four-dimensional theory is “too small” to describe adequately the forces that describe our universe. Using historical examples, we will explore the ingenious attempts made by scientists over the decades to give a tangible, visual represen- tation of higher-dimensional space.

On another sheet might be a strange world populated by mythical creatures in the world of Wonderland. What a strange world it would be! The pond was everything. At each point in the farmer’s field, one can assign a series of numbers which describe, for example, how many seeds there hyperslace at that point.

Surfaces can also have “negative cur- Mathematicians and Mystics 3 9 vature,” as in a saddle-shaped or a trumpet-shaped surface. I wondered what would happen if I could reach down and grab a carp scientist and lift it up into hyperspace.