Peoples of the Sea – Ages of Chaos III – Immanuel Velikovsky – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Immanuel Velikovsky. · Rating details · 80 ratings · 8 reviews. The Sea Peoples were a confederacy of seafaring raiders of the second millennium BC who. Peoples of the Sea is another of the Ages in Chaos series of books by Immanuel Velikovsky – review of this chronology revision book. Related to EU theory.

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Alyzabeth Augusts rated it it was amazing Mar 14, Black and white DJ shows light wear at edges and corners.

Doubleday, Remainder spray bottom page edges, knicks in dust jacket, now in protective mylar. Very good hardcover first edition in good jacket jacket has tears and wear to edges. There have always been disagreements and downright mysteries.

It is an examination of the historical record and archeological discoveries, and can sometimes cross into tediousness–a necessary tediousness, I believe, if V.

Peoples of the Sea : A Reconstruction of Ancient History-A Continuation of the Ages in Chaos Series

Peoples of peo;les Sea. The Royal Cache Description Description Peoples of the Sea by Immanuel Velikovsky is another of Velikovsky’s controversial chronology revision books in his Ages in Chaos series. For more details on Velikovsky, check out: Starting with Ramses III, Velikovsky combs through the evidence of Egypt’s first millennium BC and the ancient Greek writers, and rearranges them in a way that makes sense.


Details of armor and weapons on Ramses III’s memorial walls match the innovations in weapons and the shifting alliances described by Greek immanuek from centuries later.

Remainder spray bottom page edges. Binding tight, pages unmarked.

Ages in Chaos: Peoples of the Sea

Descriptions of Ramses III’s campaign against invading foreigners match detail by detail with the campaign of Nectanebo I described by Greek writers, supposedly eight centuries later. Endpapers maps of the Middle-East. Not a book club edition. In Ramses II and His Time Velikovsky identified each of the major 19th dynasty pharaohs with a corresponding pharaoh of velikovsoy 26th dynasty.

Sun, Moon, and Sothis: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Small tears and surface wear on DJ edges.

Those readers who are naturally suspicious of the mainstream will probably be drawn to Velikovsky, and I too am glad I read the book. Fully years, as professionally understood, get thrown out. Velikovsky is not so much the first of the new catastrophists. Fiammetta rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Earlier, he played a role in the founding of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, and was a respected psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

Bauer wrote Beyond Velikovsky: A Mighty Tree His ‘Bed of Procustes’ ignores the huge body of evidence which does not fit his hypothesis, and stretches into place the tentative observations he makes so that they fit his An embodiment of pseudoscience, Velikovsky has cherry picked a grab bag of interpretive challenges to mainstream chronology which he uses to prop up his biblical beliefs.


Peoples of the sea Immanuel Velikovsky Snippet view – This is the fifth book in Dr.

Peoples of The Sea: Immanuel Velikovsky.: : Books

First, and probably most important, is that Velikovsky amply illustrated to me the depth of my own ignorance in this period, and sparked an interest to read more–whether that be mainstream accounts or others. It is the story of precisely how the conventional history of ancient Egypt was dated. For example, the Twenty-First Dynasty is discovered to have been a line of priest-princes who guarded the Egyptian outposts under the Persian occupation.

Wondering about the accuracy of all the footnoted sources also dragged the storyline down. Pillars of the Past, Volume II.

Peoples of the Sea is part of the Ages in Chaos series dealing with the reconstruction of ancient history, can be read independently of the other volumes in that series. Far from slavishly championing Velikovsky’s chronology, these scholars believe that Velikovsky did not go far enough. I thought that some of his ideas regarding planetoid collisions were not physically practical for planetoid survival or for biological survival, particularly in the short term.

Really enjoyed the book.

Retelling the Near East’s Ancient History. Garden City, New York: