If God is not alive in you, you are not alive on this earth. For centuries and centuries you have been taught wrong, and the result is God has. Jaap Sahib Steek-Prof Sahib Singh-Punjabi by toshaak in Types > Books – Non- fiction, sikh Mahan Kosh Vol 1 Kahan Singh Nabha – English Translation. Jaap Sahib (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting Uploaded by Singh Translation of Jaap Sahib in.

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Salutation to the Lord.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I think that basically, we should not go for that.

God is spiritual power of all. God gives light to all the suns of the universe and He, Himself shines like millions of suns. God is self illuminated Knowledge which cannot be destroyed. Salutation to the Transcendent Sait of all the yogis and sidhas classes of saints. God annihilates all egoes, proudness, and all ill doers. God is self created, Indescribable, Indefinable, Absolute and Transcendental. God cannot be established; He is boundless.


God gives beautification all over the trimorphic world. God is such sweet Nector which is Omnipresent and enjoyed by all. God is transcendent Head all over the earth. God sustains the whole world. During the time of the British they wanted to separate Sikhs from our guru so they created this granth, 3 different versions of this granth exsiat. Salutation to God who is respected everywhere. Like us on Facebook. The compassionate God gives spiritual power to all.

Salutation to the greatest Donor and Respected among the respectables. God annihilates the enemies. It is a naad. God is the Soul of the whole universe and only His form existed before the creation.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation | from dusk to dawn

You have to understand one thing. God is the source of the three supreme virtues to whome He controls and He has complete check on them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. God is Optimum bounty.

This is how we can do it. God is transcendent Master keaning all the heroes. Salutation to the Protector sahig all, at all times and Destroyer of all sins. Ik ongkar satgur parsad. Salutation to the Hope of the hopeful.

God is adored in the trimorphic worlds by everyone.


God is Incorporeal and without name. Salutation to the Carnal pleasures of all. Posture suggestions for Bowing Jaap Sahib.

God is Intrepid and Undesirous. God is Killer of all and is Creator of all.

These were the times and this was the state of affairs. God is transcendent Master, He is the Destroyer meanig all, He is beyond birth and death, He is not without sensation.

What we are going to do now is chant with Jaap Sahib. God is Immanent day and night and He is indestructible. And that is what I want you to experience. God looks after everybody forever.

God cannot be jaapp by anybody. God is Transcendent Master of all powers. All are originating from Him.

God is within all Corporeal forms. Many Blessings to You. Salutation to God who sahin beyond home. God is the transcendent King of all the kings. God is beyond name and desire. God provides strenght and energy to all.