Analysis and exposition of the causes and the possible remedies for the present state of restlessness prevailing in the world. Kalki, Or, The Future of Civilization. Front Cover. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Hind Kitabs Limited, – Civilization – 64 pages. Get this from a library! Kalki, or The future of civilization. [Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan].

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Divorces abound and children suffer.

Kalki, or the Future of Civilization

We are all still focusing on and trying to satisfy the animal instincts within ourselves. We are still a young civilization in this vast and timeless universe and we need to honestly identify and rectify our errors.

The Future of Human Civilization. The ideas in this volume can act as a guiding force to us in these difficult times. This will stop wars in the name of religion.

APJ Abdul Kalam, Radhakrishnan feels that science can in fact make us more aware of the power of God or the cosmic energy pervading the universe. Frederick Ferre – No categories specified categorize this paper. Find it on Scholar. As per Hindu Puranas or ancient scriptures, Kalki is the name of the last avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Baranski – – Christopher Pub. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan — scholar and teacher par excellence, world renowned philosopher, and the former President of India.


Radhakrishnan, who had great faith in and great affection for the young people of our great nation: As far as Family Life is concerned, Radhakrishnan says that the changing economic situations, lack of proper moral and sexual fiture and advances in science have transformed marriage from a holy sacrament to a mere trial contract.

Finally, in International Relations, Dr. For them there is no God, no escape, no vice or virtue, only the cold darkness of death. It is only a minority who belongs to the third category, and considers religion as a means to improve the world.

S. Radhakrishnan, Kalki, or the Future of Civilization – PhilPapers

Much civilizarion been said and written about Dr. Our democracy cannot succeed until our people become really cultured and educated. Henryk Skolimowski – – Dialogue and Universalism 22 3: This article has no associated abstract. Looking at the world as one family is the only way to survival.

Andrew Targowski – – Dialogue and Universalism 15 Kf Economics, it must be realized that wealth is not all. Here Radhakrishnan tries to identify the root cause of all the issues facing mankind today. Coming to Religion, he says that, removing religion from human life will not solve the problem. Journal of Philosophical Studies 4 The author says that democracy is not a very ideal form of government because it is wrongly practiced.

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Now — The Rooted Future.

Sign in to use this feature. Bythe average age of India will be 29 and we will have the largest youth population in the world. In the next part of his book, Radhakrishnan presents a stunningly accurate analysis of the current state if every major sphere of human life — Religion, Family Life, Politics, and International Relations.

We have a long way lr go; we need to move towards focusing on the mind and the soul. History of Western Philosophy. And once war breaks out, all civilization is lost and every nation becomes worse than a beast. Sign in Create an account. Today, we have bands of fanatics for whom terrorism in the name of religion is a klki thing to do! Today when most of the world is affected by conflict and decline in ethical values, when terror organizations like the ISIS have unleashed horrifying bloodshed across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, when mass shootings and black versus white conflicts plague the U.

And civilizatipn inequality leads to political inequality.