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He provides 2 kg of earthworms free of cost to farmers, who pledge to go in for organic farming He also uses the pawal kroshi grow mushroom, which fetch him close to Rs 3 lakh per annum.

My no is Posted by: Moromi Dutta 2 years ago Reply. I have agriculture land near bahadurgarh – Haryana.

Nikhil Sharma one year ago Reply. Ritesh M Surana one year ago Reply. The surplus power is used to recharge batteries of the household inverter. Since the plant has medicinal value, it has a huge international market,” he says. Almost all seasonal vegetables, fruits, paddy, wheat, mushroom and flowers are grown organically in Dagar’s farm.

Loksewa Questions, Notes and Krishi Diary ~ Help For Ag

Ashoke Kumar Das 2 years ago Reply. At the age of climate change and global warming, farmers of our country can take his path. Dagar has about bee boxes; diarry generates about kg of honey. Today I am confident that this land can give a minimum income of Rs 10 lakh per annum.


A clear understanding of three factors — the market demand, the natural resources available and maintaining the product quality — helped him succeed. I was wondring if Dogar shib would kindly teach me how to make composite from vegetable, fruit and crop waste for commersial purposes and make a decent livig by selling the product.

Respected sir I am Gurinder Singh Mann from Punjab i want to get knowledge about the brevity of crops for making a profitable business to agriculture plz help me my mobile no. Farmers from Haryana are playing a lead role in the mission. Future challenges With success come new challenges. Vivek Choudhary 12 months ago Reply.

Small farms can be profitable

Team Down to earth.!!! I was searching for diray on organic farming. Basant Kumar Bangar 2 years ago Reply. But i do have more than vighas of land in west Up. Annual income Rs in lakh. Raj Parmar one year ago Reply. Determinants of maize seed income and adoption of foundation seed production: Egaa Bhaavaani 2 years ago Reply. With support of other farmers, he has set up the Haryana Kisan Welfare Club, which has branches in all districts in the state.


Plz expand ur farming in Assam Mohit Dalal one year ago Reply. He has made organic farming his mission. Niya Dodum 2 years ago Reply. Close to 5, farmers are active members of this club and they are fast spreading the word around. Please help me to farming, seed, process of farming, after product ,saling place etc. Dear all i ddiary very much inspired by Mr Dagar Jii.

We normally grow traditional crops like sugarcane, tobacco, wheat, soybean, etc.

Sunil Kumar 2 years ago Reply. The Haryana Kisan Welfare Club gives hands-on training on organic kdishi. Mehul Panchal 2 years ago Reply. Dagarji is a real time hero, a motivator.

Dagar claims vermicompost is the best soil-nutrient for not only does it help the soil retain moisture but also reduces water consumption by almost 25 per cent. Can I visit your firm if you permit for education and knowledge.

A good combination of all these practices is sure to make organic farming successful, both ecologically and financially,” adds Dagar. I want to start agriculture with much technology use. Aman Fidai 2 years ago Reply. Hats off to you Sir Posted by: