SCUM Manifesto has ratings and reviews. Adam said: I am El Manifiesto SCUM & Las Educadoras: Introduccion y notas de Aline d’Arbrant · More. El Manifiesto SCUM, el más violento de los textos feministas de los sesentas y setentas fue escrito en Celebrando el quincuagésimo aniversario de este. Manifiesto Scum [SOLANAS VALERIE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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It pretty obvious that Solanas herself didn’t take her manifest literally as she would admit manifieesto it in her more lucid moments Southern Poverty Law Center.

SCUM Manifesto – Wikipedia

Unintentionally, I ended up with an entirely non-matching wardrobe, which if impractical was sort of impressive, though it owed less to an “alternative” perspective than to the fact that I did not comprehend the concept of matching clothes. Solanas’s first mqnifiesto, Maurice Girodiasthought of it as “a joke” [91] and described the manifesto, according to J. In order to accomplish these goals, the Manifesto proposes that a revolutionary vanguard of women be formed. I was asked if any man had ever advocated such violence against women.

In fact, the work has indisputable prescience, not only as a radical feminist analysis light-years ahead of its timepredicting artificial insemination, ATMs, a feminist uprising against under-representation in the artsbut also as a stunning testament to the rage of an abused and destitute woman.

Solanas is quoted in the sleeve notes of the Manic Street Preachers debut album Generation Terrorists. Also, Solanas contradicts several of her arguments numerous times throughout the tract, and besides all the manic glee to scjm found in her frothing against the system, she offers only the vaguest notions of pursuits for women to engage in, such as curing all diseases death included and grooving with one another.

SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas

Scumbag “, which first aired on October 17, View all 21 comments. Additionally, in the August 10, issue of The Village Voicea letter to the editor appears that was signed by a Valerie Solanas of SCUM, West 23rd Street that responds to a previous letter signed by a Ruth Herschberger published in the August 3, issue that asks why women do not rebel against men.


Hardcover96 pages. I’m reading this, as a man of course, and cheering on Solanas’ bad-ass, hilarious, blunt-force-trauma, withering, genocidal rant against men. The Manifesto argues that SCUM should employ sabotage and direct action tactics rather than civil disobedience, as manifieto disobedience is only useful for making small changes to society. A fictionalized version of Valerie Solanas, played by the actress Lena Dunhamrecited the manifesto throughout the episode.

The Scum Manifesto

I came across this work of literary genius some would argue madness after watching Mary Harron’s “I Shot Andy Warhol”, which centered on the factual incident in which Solanas shot, and nearly killed, ’60s pop artist Andy Warhol. Especially since Solanas has lots of really offensive shit to say about women, especially women who like fucking dudes “raving sex maniacs” is a very mild example.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. While not killed, Warhol was left in a condition of severe physical and emotional damage with physical effects that finally killed him. When I got to campus, my roommate was athletic and wealthy and attractive, all of which was terrifying, so I immediately left my belongings piled on my bunk and made a hasty departure, returning to the dorm only intermittently throughout the semester whenever my smelliness began to seriously encroach on my own respiration.

I got a bag of gummi worms for the road and set off to try to find my dorm, where I could lay stiffly on my bunk and mull over the idea of killing my roommate in the interest of improving society. The manual was liberating to read.


I started by perming my hair. At least, not at first. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He does this by “constantly seeking out, fraternizing with and trying to live through and fuse with the female. SCUM was the voice of those women, like Valerie, an enraged, sfum loner-lesbian, outside any group or any society, who were the rejected, the dregs, the refuse, manitiesto outcast.

Refresh and try again. New York Daily News. This was the title used for all subsequent editions.

SCUM Manifesto

This page manjfiesto screed by the woman most famous for shooting Andy Warhol is, well, kind of hard to read. Sep 21, Robert rated it did not like it.

It’s so right on and so way off. Object of the satire could be misogynist discourse manigiesto. Ma Why are manifestos so often written by crazies?

By proposing an idea so ridiculous, so genocidal and violent, so stereotyping and repulsive, the author asks questions about the silent limitations and gilded cages of women in the midth century. SCUM Manifesto was considered one of the most outrageous, violent and certifiably crazy tracts when it first appeared in On a technical standpoint, this essay has no basis whatsoever with real tangible facts, only using biased social misconceptions and stereotypes about the male gender to prove the point that the male gender must be exterminated, which means that even in its form of argumentation, this book doesn’t stand a chance against Schopenhauer.

Note how often and how easily women are openly talked about as being good only for fucking.